traditional family board games

Board games are a fantastic way for all the family to enjoy an evening together. They can provide hours of entertainment in which everyone competes to be the ultimate winner. They make for a great birthday gift or Christmas present .Here are some of the most popular family fun board games played around the world.

1. Chess

chess board

Chess is a game that is loved and enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It is played both for fun and on a competitive level and challenges the mind to develop strategies to defeat the opponent whilst defending your own king. It is a game that can be introduced to family nights though may take a bit of time to understand at first.

2. Checkers

chekers board

Checkers is often a game that is introduced before chess, as it used the same board. It is slightly less complex than chess, though can still generate the same levels of excitement at family board nights. It’s also known as draughts.

3. Scrabble

 scrabble board game

Scrabble is a word-based board game in which a certain word will provide you with a certain number of points. It’s a great way to help your child develop their language skills and can be enjoyed at any age.

4. Battleships

battleships game

Battleships is a strategy based board game in which you need to locate and destroy your opponent’s ships. It’s very easy to play and can become extremely competitive near the end of the game.

5. Buckaroo

buckaroo board game

Though not technically a ‘board game’, Buckeroo simply can’t be overlooked as a game option for family games nights. The aim of the game is to place as many items on the Moody Mule as possible. The loser is the person who causes him to buck!

6. Snap

snap game

The family classic of snap can be enjoyed by the whole family. The aim is simple, place your hand on the deck and call snap every time two of the same card are placed down. The winner is the individual who has all the cards at the end of the game. This exciting, fast-paced game is a great way to kick off game night and will get everyone ready for games that will be played later. This can be played with fun animal picture snap cards or the traditional numbers which could be good for teaching children what numbers are.

7. Uno

uno card game

Uno is a classic game, enjoyed by people around the world. Though slightly more complex than games such as snap, Uno is extremely fun and somewhat strategic with family members using ‘pick up’ cards to prevent you from winning.

8. Operation

operation board game

Operation is a great way to help your children improve their hand-eye coordination and overall hand control. In this game, everyone must attempt to ‘operate’ with the least amount of mistakes. This tense experience is extremely enjoyable for the whole family no matter when it’s played.

9. Guess Who

guess who board game


This is one of the most fun game that involves playing competitively against each other to guess what character the other person chose. To play, all of the character cards are placed face down. They are shuffled and then you both pick a card. Whilst making sure to not let the other person see which card you chose.

How to play guess who board game?

Each turn you ask the other person questions such as does your person have a hat? The other person has to answer honestly with a yes or no answer. If they have a hat then you know that you can put all of the cards on your board down that are not wearing a hat. The winner of the game is the person who figures out who the other person picked. If you take a guess and get it wrong, that will use your turn. This game can be played over and over again. Providing endless amounts of fun for 2 players. Suitable for ages 6 years plus, and made by Hasbro. This is one of the best selling board games of all time, which ensures that you and your child will enjoy it!

The cards are removable and people have been known to replace them with their very own family or friend pictures. Which makes for a more personalised gift. Especially considering adults enjoy this game almost as much as children do. Guess who originated in 1979 and has been remodelled and further improved ever since and even today it still stands strong in the board game market for kids, especially for those rainy days in with not much to do, just grab a game and play guess who! Other versions include but are not limited to English heritage, a dinosaur museum and more.

10. Monopoly

monopoly board game

No games night list would be complete without Monopoly. This classic game will leave family members flipping the board after landing on a location full of hotels. It’s arguably one of the best board games of all time and a great way to bond with your family.  Though it may take hours to complete, a board game is a fantastic way for the whole family to bond and enjoy themselves.

With these timeless classics, you will never run out of options to play and enjoy. Nowadays, there are so many monopoly boards with different themes that you can get your favourite one. From the classic board, to the simpsons, disney, game of thrones, there is a board for everyone.

11. Classic Jenga

jenga game

Take it in turns to pull one block out then place it on top to keep rebuilding. If the tower falls on you, you lose. This is a game that builds excitement and anticipation.

12. Elefun Ball Popper Activity Game

elefun board game

Elefun by Playskool is a children’s classic played by all generations. It is suitable for babies 9 months + and helps engage with your child’s senses in several ways. Whilst in use, there are 10 different songs that will play for your little one to enjoy. Whilst the songs are in play, balls will fly out of the ball popper back into Elefun belly. You can also change the direction of the balls to make it easier or more difficult depending on the child’s age. This ensures they can be challenged each time they play without getting bored of the game! In total, there are 4 different colours to play with, allowing you to introduce your toddler to colours by asking them to collect a certain type of ball. 

This is a great gift for a baby or toddler and will provide them with countless hours of fun. While at first they will need supervision, as they become more comfortable you can let your little one play away whilst you go about your daily activities. The ball popper will simply continue to play songs and pop the balls up whilst you’re gone. Buy your Elefun now and surprise your little one with a fantastic gift to enjoy.

13. Pop Up Pirate Classic Game

Pop up pirate

This classic kids action game by Tomy has been played by multiple generations. Suitable for 2-4 players. To play this game, you simply take it in turns to pull out a colourful sword from the barrel. If you pull out the sword that makes the pirate pop up you lose. If playing with multiple players, put the pirate back down and continue until there is a winner.

A similar concept to Classic Jenga, only it's based more on luck, for this reason when pirate pete pops up it can take everyone by surprise. This fun always moving game, never becomes old. You don't want pirate pete flying out of his barrel. The last surviving pirate wins the game. This toy is good for children's development as it support decision making in young children. Everytime you play, a different sword hole will make pirate pete pop up which makes the game 100% unpredictable. This family fun game is suitable for children aged between 4 and 10 years old but adults will love it too.

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