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My name is Cristina Santamarina, I am from Asturias, Spain. I started crafting a long time ago, at first it was crochet, and then knitting. I created my brand ‘Le Petit Popelin’, over a year ago. The reason I started my company is because of my love for baby clothing. I thought it would be nice, to craft unique baby clothes, exclusively for each baby, in different colors, and sizes. 

Everything that is handmade, is always unique. I get inspired by other people’s interest and my own memories of what I have seen. I do like to improvise and craft new clothing types and colors. I really love what I do, and when customers send me pictures of there babies with the clothing that I had made, it is truly the best reward. 

One of my favorite things is that when you craft for someone, and they wear your clothing, a piece of you goes with them. You make it, thinking of a baby wearing the product, for this reason, I always use cotton and wool for them, mainly because of their delicate skin, they should always have the best materials. Some of my work involves sewing too, this is because some types of clothing need it. I do everything, for the moment, working on my own. It is difficult because I am in charge of social media, website, relations, and crafting.

I would love to get to the point in our company and have the need to hire people, simply because I couldn’t do it all by myself. The process I go through with each product is very simple. People contact me, they choose model, size, and color, and I start the project. Making each bespoke piece to order, depending on the type of clothing it can take more or less time. Manufacturing times go from 10 days minimum up to 20 days maximum.

I would advise, that everyone should work for what they love doing the most, and try to make their dreams and goals. I have one, I would love to dress every baby in the world using only natural materials that are good for them. Follow on Instagram @lepetitpopelin or Facebook @lepetitpopelinshop

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