A Skilled Crocheter From Holland: Aytens Brocante

My name is Ayten Dogan-Baydar, I have a passion for making corsets, these range in size, from 6 cm to 100 cm. I enjoy many types of craft such as: making small furniture, crochet, and sewing clothing. I am from the south of Holland and am a coupeuse by profession. Whilst my inspiration literally does come from everywhere, it is mainly from the things that I have made. 

I can be busy with a corset for about 6 hours, however, I always do everything at my own pace. Generally, If something is not going well, I will leave it until I have the inspiration to do it differently again.

crocheted turtle

When I crochet, I make lots of different types of items such as soft plush teddies (turtles, owls, etc), jar cozies, little blankets for babies, purses, puppets, and lots more.

I am very active on Instagram, here you will be able to see lots of images of my craft. Alternatively, I have been running a website since 2015, known as https://www.aytensbrocante.nl - Everything you see featured here, is something that I have made, there are many categories, so take a look!

The thing I would like most is a shop where I can put and sell my handmade items, but that, at the moment is not feasible for a small business owner. This is why I usually create bespoke items to order, for now.

Lately, our most popular items have been baby nests which is similar to a Moses basket, as well as some other baby items.

baby nest basket

Feel free to follow my Instagram profile and see my creations! - @aytens_brocante

If you would like to purchase items from our website, please note that items are to be paid with euros however, we do accept PayPal as a payment method.


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