aloo bhaji recipe


Aloo bhaji originated in India. It is a spiced dish made with potatoes and other popular seasonings such as chilly, turmeric and mustard. 


Many Indians will serve this as a breakfast with a piece of naan bread or dosa to start their day right. You can top the potato bhaji with your own favourite Indian dishes such as curry, rice or eat alone as a delicious vegetarian meal. 






Urad dal-1tsp 

Chana dal-2 tsp

Dried red chilli-1 

Few curries leaves 

Chilli-2(Finley chopped) 

1inch ginger(Finley chopped) Onion-1(sliced) 



Potato-3( boiled)

Coriander-2tbsp(Finley chopped) 




First, in large Kadai, heat 2tbsp oil,1tsp mustard,1tsp urad dal,2tsp chana dal, 1dried red chilli, few Curry leaves; add 2chilli and 1-inch ginger. Mix well; also add one sliced onion.

Further, add 2pinch turmeric and 1tsp salt. Now add three boiled potatoes and mix well, and Aloo bhaji is ready.


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