Baby clothing and size guide

Clothing size guide

Ever seen those baby clothing sizes and felt overwhelmed wondering to yourself: “how does baby clothing sizes work? We have been there. When you have a newborn baby and you see a tag that states a size or weight, it can be confusing as to what size you need to buy. Even worse, once you’ve had your newborn baby the last thing you want is to be returning to the shops with your little one in the carrier or pushchair to return those bits that didn’t fit. Don’t worry because we have created an easy-to-use guide chart.

Welcome to our baby size guide, below it is explained in detail and will help you get shopping as soon as possible. Of course it's worth knowing that other factors such as chest, hip and and torso could determine whether something fits or not. 

Size Height (up to) Weight (up to)
Newborn 56cm / 22″ 4½Kg/ 10lb
0-3 Months 62cm /24½” 6kg/ 13lb
3-6 Months 68cm/ 27″ 8kg/ 17½Lb
6-12 Months 80cm/ 31½” 10kg/ 22lb
12-18 Months 86cm/ 34″ 12kg/ 26½Lb

Shoe size chart

When it comes to shoe sizes, it is a similar concept. In the graph below you will be able to figure out what shoe size your child needs depending on the size of their foot.

Whilst this sizing guide is very accurate it may not be right all of the time, this is because different shoe and retail manufacturers sizes may vary from store to store and so the best practice would be to check labels for accurate measurements when possible. This is if you decide to buy online as opposed to going to the shops. When you go to buy your babies first pair of shoes when they have just started walking, it is extremely important that you get the size right. If the shoes are too tight or too loose, this could affect their ability to walk well and could knock their confidence back into crawling. If in doubt, measure your littles one foot and help them thrive.

UK Size Euro Size Foot Length (cm) Inches Approx Age
10 28 17 6.75 5
9 27 16 6.5 4
8.5 26 15 6.25 3
8 25 15 6.125 3
7 24 14 5.75 2
6 23 13 5.5 2
5 22 13 5.125 18-24 months
4.5 21 12 5 12-18 months
4 20 12 4.75 9.12 months
3 19 11 4.5 6-9 months
2 18 10 4.125 3-6 months
1 17 9 3.75 0-3 months

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