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Aveeno baby hair and body wash

aveeno baby

This baby hair and body wash by Aveeno is great for gently cleansing sensitive babies skin from top to toe. It contains prebiotic oatmeal and is fragrance free which makes it suitable for children with eczema. The 300ml bottle has a pump action which means that you get the perfect amount of shampoo every time. This product will leave hair soft, shiny and easy to comb. As it has been developed for newborns skin, minimises the risk of allergy.

Aveeno Baby Moisturiser

baby lotions

This baby daily care lotion by Aveeno is great for moisturising the skin, it contains prebiotic oatmeal and is fragrance free which makes it suitable for children with eczema and babies with sensitive skin. The problem moisturises the skin for 24 hours and is a non greasy hypoallergenic unscented formula that is suitable for both body and face. It should be applied to clean dry skin, and will provide fast relief. It can also be used by adults who have particularly dry skin.

Baby Hairbrush

baby hair brush

This wooden handled gentle soft bristle baby hair brush is a great first brush for your newborn, its not tough for their sensitive scalp but can be very helpful for cradle cap and can be a detangler for their tangled hair. Made from natural materials and soft goats hairs bristles so they are very gentle on their soft spot. 

How to clean a baby hair brush?

Remove hair from the brush and any other loose particles then place into some warm water with shampoo in a container and let it soak for at least 15 minutes to remove any dry skin and hairs, then dry outside or in a warm area. Then your baby hair brush is ready to use again. 

How to use baby hair brush?

Most babies will develop something called cradle cap, to help remove the dry dead skin and cradle cap simply hold your baby comfortably in your arms after a feed so they are content and gently brush through their scalp and hair. This method in turn can actually make baby really calm and fall asleep, two in one benefits! 

Hairbrush vs comb?

For a newborn baby brushes can help smooth their hair and can be very therapeutic for them but when it comes to tougher knots in their hair a comb can be more beneficial. 

Bath Frog Cleaning Sponges (2 Pack)

bath sponge

Bath sponges make the whole bathing experience so much more fun for kids. Loved by boys and girls, these frog cleaning sponges will help clean when in the bath and also help to exfoliate the skin which is important for removing dead skin cells.

This high quality sponge won’t fall apart, and is made to absorb and retain water. Its soft and gentle for a newborn baby, your infant will enjoy bath time so much more. Make bath time fun with Freddy the frog! 

Braun Ear Thermometer

baby ear thermometer

When the dreaded time comes and your poor baby has a cough, cold, flu-like symptoms you will want to check their temperature. Taking a toddler’s temperature can be one of the most challenging times if they’re feeling poorly and emotional they won’t want to stick a thermometer in their mouth and wait for the beeps. Ear thermometers are great because you can sit nice and still with your little one and put the thermometer in their ear and you’ll get a quick simple reading that you need.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit

healthcare baby kit


The Tommee Tippee healthcare kit, every and I mean every household with a young child or baby needs one of these handy little grooming kits! Why? Because it’s simply the best. It has all you need to keep your baby nails trimmed, temperature checked. It has been known to be a good gift for first time mums. Cutting your newborn’s nails has got to be the most terrifying moments of anyone’s life, if they flinch, if it hurts them, what if you cut their nails too short.. no need to worry because these Tommee Tippee nail scissors and clippers will help elevate that worry and will make cutting your babies nails so much easier!

Noticed your baby has developed cradle cap? Most newborns have too! With the soft baby grooming kit brush it will loosen up the cradle cap and help you remove it from babies scalp without hurting them, it can also act as a nice soother for your little one to go to sleep.

Burt’s Bees Natural Baby Shampoo & Wash (235 ml)


Bathing your baby can be such an intimate and fun yet worrying time, you might worry about shampoo or bubbles getting in their eyes but theres no need to worry as this shampoo is labeled tear free meaning its unlikely you will have any tears at all! Once you master holding your baby correctly and safely you can start to wash them with this beautiful smelling, 99.9% natural baby shampoo and body wash. You could even use it yourself, why not?

This wash contains a light sweet smell of apricot leaving your baby from top to toe smelling of delicious fruitiness! Everyone loves a clean baby. For optimal cleanliness it is only recommended to bathe your baby 2-3 days a week to avoid damaging their natural body oils.

Child’s Farm Natural Hair Detangler

hair detangler 

This natural hair detangling liquid is simple to use. Simply spray the hair and go through it with a hairbrush to remove knots, and tangled hair. It contains tea tree essential oil which is known to contain constituents which have insecticide properties that is proven to kill head-lice and nits. 

This 150ml spray bottle also contains scents of grapefruit which is delicious smelling. The award winning brand child’s farm have made this product suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin. To top it off, it is also suitable for newborns and is dermatologist tested.

Palmolive Naturals Shower & Bath Wash

healthy shampoo

This Palmolive naturals shower and bath wash is suitable for kids. This 750ml bottle is suitable for all skin types, and is dermatologically tested. Made by Colgate containing olive oil, natural almond and aloe vera. Rated an overall of 5 stars with over 613 ratings.

Baby newborn bath

If you don’t own a bath, these small baths are essential, it makes cleaning a therapeutic experience, it will help them to sleep better, hygiene is very important to keep it up, it will soon be a fun splashing time!

Hooded Baby Towels (Pack of 2)

This set of baby towels are great for getting your little ones out of the bath, they come in a handy two pack, good for twins. These towels are 100% cotton and come in two different colours. Get your baby out of the bath and place them into this super absorbent, soft blanket style towel. The hood will stop water from dripping onto their face and can be used to dry their hair.

How many baby towels do I need?

It is recommended that baby has a bath every other day for optimal hygiene and to make sure that their natural oils are not stripped. This means that you will need to buy about 4 towels. The amount you need does also depends on how often you do your washing.

To use the baby towel as a quick face or body washcloth simply dip into water and clean. These hooded baby towels can be used as a dressing gown after a small wash down to keep them cosy and warm until clothed.

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