man hand carving wooden spoons

Since founding our company, I have always been fascinated by carved wooden products, especially those belonging in the kitchen. I love to cook, experimenting with different ingredients and exploring cultural foods. The first thing I ever hand carved was an elephant out of an old Christmas tree but after that I was gifted a book by my mother in law that had all types of different carving in it.

When I saw the carved wooden spoons, that was it, I knew that carving a wooden spoon was going to be my second project. My first attempt at making a spoon, was poor, the wood had split and the spoon was not usable but this is expected with a first attempt. Practise makes perfect, as with anything new.

How to carve a spoon?

  1. Find a straight knot free branch, it should be slightly longer than the desired length of your spoon.
  2. The branch's diameter should be thick enough to make a spoon. 
  3. Flatten one side of the branch using long strokes, this will be for the top of your spoon
  4. Using a scooping stroke, flatten the bottom of the handle leaving the end of the branch thick for making the bowl of the spoon.
  5. Draw your spoon with a pen or pencil on the top of the spoon. 
  6. Cut around your spoon to shape the handle, and remove bark from the underside of the bowl.
  7. Shape the bowl of the spoon, cutting off any lines that you have drawn. 
  8. Draw the perimeter of the spoon's bowl and with the point of the knife carefully cut inwards around the line, or alternatively use a hook knife to hollow it out. 
  9. Once it has been hollowed, with fine sandpaper you will need to sand the entire spoon.
  10. Finally you will need to oil it or treat the wood with a finish to make it food safe. 

 hand carved pine spoon



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