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As a child, I loved playing Top Trumps, and nowadays, there are so many choices of game themes. Top trumps is a strategy card game that is played as a duo. This game is to be played by at least two people. Top trumps first appeared on the market in 1978 by Dubreq but were sold to Hasbro, who further developed the game, adding hundreds of different themes based upon famous movies, cartoons, celebrities and more.

Some people find making them a fun activity that you can do with children, and whilst they rarely look as good, the fun comes from creativity. After playing, you should ensure that all the cards go back into the case to ensure you don't lose any.

How to play top trumps?

It's important to shuffle the cards well and hand out all of the cards equally between how many players are playing. Once all the cards have been handed out, without letting anyone see them. They should be in a face-up position in your hand. You'll need to decide who goes first. Whoever goes first will need to choose the data that they want or feel is the strongest.

If, for example, you chose strength. Then the other player will need to flip over the card on the top of their deck. If their strength characteristic is higher, then they win the opposing players' card. If the strength is lower than the other person gets to take the cards. The winner is declared when the other player has not got any cards left. Now with no further delay, let's discover the most popular top trumps of all time.

1. Awesome animals

Awesome animals

Educational game which allows kids to have fun whilst learning new animals, and facts about each one. There is even a little symbol on some cards showing which zoos you can go to, to visit that animal.

There are lots of animal cards but a little preview, you could expect to see the Giant pacific octopus, a caracal, and a Rothschild giraffe. Battle stats include; weight in kg, speed, cuteness, mischief, and of course the top trumps rating. 

2. Marvel universe

 Marvel universe

Some marvel characters include Ant-man, black panther, agent venom and more. Make them all battle with stats like strength, skill, size, wisecracks, mystique, and top trump rating to see who comes out on top. 

3. Harry Potter greatest witches and wizards

Harry Potter greatest witches and wizards

The list of the most popular Top trumps ever would not be complete without Harry Potter being on it. Of course the main characters Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Grainger and the evil lord Voldemort are contenders, and there are a lot more cards but who is the greatest of all time? 

4. Tractors


If your reading this and think that this is random, I completely agree. However, the tractor top trumps has sold over 1,000 units which means that it made it to number four. In fact, its rating is completely matched to similar versions such as jets and world famous ships. Either way, if you are itching to find out what the muddiest tractor is then this top trumps card game is for you. It's still educational and battles are by the stats: year made, horsepower, wheel size, weight and top trump rating. Some tractors are as old as World War One and there is a ton of information if you want these for learning purposes. 

5. Friends


Okay so this one is for those of you that are huge fans of the tv show 'Friends'. This game is slightly different from the normal and is not about characters, instead its about the scenes from friends and players have to battle based on laughter, friendship, antics, omg and top trumps rating. For fans of the show it will be a great opportunity to relive funny moments and get into the spirit which is friends. I loved watching the show on repeat with a cup of tea, now if only someone would buy me the top trumps xD 

6. Disney villains

Disney villains

Test your knowledge or discover the longest running villain from the Disney movies. characters include Cruella De Vil, Scar, Ursular and much more.

7. Frozen


Olaf, Anna and Elsa are of course the star of the show but who will win when judged on loyalty, bravery, kindness, humour and strength? This is a game for the young ones who have just started to learn about numbers.  

8. Toy story

Toy story 

Combining top trumps with Disney Pixar's toy story four theme makes for a fun twist. With the old classic characters such as Buzz lightyear, Woody, Jessie and more. Each character will be competing based on their teamwork, humour, courage, and friendship skills.

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