Brighton and hove climate crisis

People all around the world are coming together on September 20th, 2019 to fight climate change and global warming. People are walking out of their homes, jobs, and school to protest and come together as they face the serious threat of our climate crisis. Parents are facing fines and prison sentences as a result of their children being absent from school; despite the fact, this protest is to protect future generations and future communities.

It could be said the educational systems should provide extra curriculum to teach children about climate change. Thus, resulting in a new stream of environmentally-friendly citizens. It could be said, that the children in the protest have been inspired by Greta Thunberg (A Swedish environmentalist activist, who is well known and credited for her positive acts of raising awareness regarding climate change, holding political leaders responsible for their poor efforts to take any action.

Carved Culture is associated with a positive impact on the environment and so it was impossible for me to not get involved in this community activity that shared the same values and ethics as us. When I am not at work, I am a loving father to two children. For me as a dad to not get involved would simply be irresponsible. After all, my children will be around long after I am gone and I need to help save their world.

The Brighton protesting community

Where I live in Brighton, strikes, and protests are not uncommon. People who live here are not scared to fight for something they believe in. With Brighton being one of the first cities to embrace change into the community; for example, the acceptance of gay rights. This involves hosting events each year such as gay pride parade where even celebrities come to perform in Preston park and people from all over the country join together in unity. During this day, many sections of the city that are usually busy remain quiet. As a result, it is highly likely Brighton will be at the front of any campaign to bring about positive change.

Global warming climate crisis sign

Buses are unable to go very far into the city. University students and teenagers alike walked in the road letting no cars pass. They chanted and demanded change whilst holding signs saying (SOS, there is no planet B, Time is running out, F*** Boris Johnson, and Act now or swim later.)  

The group of protesting people repeatedly shouting “What do we want? Planet action. When do we want it? Now.” The local green EMP down by the level park, Brighton says “You are a sea of people who are taking the earth into your own hands, this gives me hope. However, we should not be so reliant on young people to start taking this seriously. Water Levels have risen, and those in power have failed us. We demand systematic change, where is this change? It must come today. How much of the rainforest needs to burn until the political leaders will be able to smell the smoke?"

"We should invest in energy-efficient jobs, no more coal, no more fracking, we must keep the fossil fuels in the ground. We demand to be heard and we will demonstrate and disrupt because we will divert this climate. We have less than eleven years until the earth starts burning, the rainforest is already burning. We must dismantle the fossil fuel industry as it has no place in our future. The likes of Shell, BP, and others are responsible. Brazil and the Amazon are on fire and they are the lungs of our world."

The speech was somewhat moving; we all just want to get our voices heard so that we can improve our planet. The party leading today's ‘Climate crisis protest are doing so because they want to be taken seriously. They are pushing for planet action right now, but this is unreasonable, what we need is to remove the greed from our local governments, from the politics, from the media and we need to work on a project that is not for our benefit but the benefit of us all.

Whilst utilizing the media is a way to get a message out, it is not the way to achieve accurate honest results, but the result to benefit the media companies to bring them more traffic, recognition, and revenue. Do we need planet action now? No, we don’t. What we need is to all be on the same page. What we need is to stop fighting as individuals for our own benefit and fight for the same beliefs. We don’t need planet action now; we need to get together to make a plan of action. What are the main problems regarding climate change?

The main problems are fossil fuels, let's stop it by finding a better alternative. Let’s invest money together into renewable sources such as electric cars and work together to ensure that every new car that is manufactured is electric. Let’s work with any company who has the guts to make a change, let's promote them by working with the media. Let’s encourage people who are still using cars run on fossil fuels to switch to electric. Let’s be efficient and let’s do it together. After all, we all share this earth.

climate crisis brighton

It’s very easy to blame Boris Johnson for the problems of the world but you and everyone else could stop driving. We could all switch to the bus which is supposedly better for the environment due to them carrying more people whilst using less fuel. As well as being hybrids that switch to electric from time to time. Better yet we could walk, the truth is that it is easier to blame someone else instead of taking real action upon yourself. 

Attending a climate event is merely the first step but our journey as humans is far bigger. We need to start holding ourselves accountable, be the change that you want to see, simply blaming others publicly is just spreading hate and we are better than that. We are humans the most advanced species in the entire world. We are capable of adjusting to any situation or environment. Turning a blind eye may seem like the easy thing to do but that doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do. We are capable, you are capable. Stop turning a blind eye, climate change is real, and it is happening. It is all over the news all of the time, and it is caused by humans. It is affecting land animals and sea life in the ocean.

We are all guilty of eating too much meat which is a massive factor for greenhouse gases. If we could all cut our meat and dairy consumption in half, the changes we could make would be huge. We could help keep our air clean. It’s not just the fossil fuels, and the fracking causing the damage. We need to create global changes amongst many industries. We need to shake things up before they can stabilise, we need to embrace this new revolution and make an impact. Not just for you, or me, or your children but for all of us.

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