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We have collaborated with a professional designer sharing our ideas and making them a reality to help create our company logo. This then led to a business card and letterhead design. With this in play and after months of designing, coding, and uploading fresh content our website is now published with many products to choose from.

You will find many eco cultured products that fit any occasion, with the ability to shop by room for those that want to improve one room at a time if you have that favourite natural material and want to see more of it, you can also shop by material.

Shop by material

Popular choices include coconut shell, bamboo, pure cotton, soapstone, exotic woods, and more.

natural materials cotton bamboo coconut shell thuya soapstone and mango wood

Looking to buy an environmentally friendly gift? We have also got you covered, in fact there is so many choice of soft furnishings, ornaments, candle holders, diffusers, oil burners, coasters and more that you will be able to find the perfect one.

If you don’t know what the person would like but they have a birthday coming up soon, then our gift cards allow for an easy gift, and it means that they can buy what they would like. Gift cards range from £10 to £100 which provides complete flexibility. Once you purchase you will get an email with instructions on how to redeem and you can always send it the giftees email address.

The founder Ryan Bomzer is extremely passionate about music with a rich history in music production and songwriting. He has sourced the best music instruments from around the world providing you with fantastic drums, shakers, woodwind instruments and even packs that take you on a journey. We also have many help pages that include more information, our ethics, and a dedicated customer service section. If you need any help at all, do not hesitate to contact us. Go shopping!

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Featured products

handcrafted antares panpipes from Peru
Antares Bamboo Pan Pipes
Sale price£15.00
quena andean flute with colourful case
Quena Andean Flute
Sale price£60.00
coconut thumb piano kalimba
Kuta Thumb Piano Kalimba (7 note)
Sale priceFrom £15.00