Cheap family days out

Here we have some low cost, cheap family days out ideas. Going out for the day is well needed, for fresh air and exercise. However, without a solid plan you will likely head out whilst hungry, and end up needing to go get some food. When you go out whilst hungry it is possible that you will make some poor food choices that will be both unhealthy and will cost you a lot of money.

To avoid such mistakes, you should make a plan and of course, if these places are quite a far distance from your home then travel will cost. As will combatting your hunger but with careful planning, it won’t cost you any more than eating at home. Some of these ideas we are going to discuss also weather permitting.

1. Picnic in the garden or field

picnic with family

This is my favourite thing to do when I need to get out of the house. I make lunch beforehand, and if you would like you could get some extra bits for your picnic but it is not necessary. All you need is your picnic lunch, a nice picnic blanket, and yourselves. Go find a nice spot and indulge in nature, you could even bring a football for after. We have a field near our house which makes this perfect for us.

2. The beach

I can’t think of a single more relaxing thing than listening to the waves from the ocean on a sunny day or not. You could bring a picnic along with you if you’d like and if it is warm, have a little paddle in the sea. Go with your family or if alone bring a book and get stuck in. It is one of our cheap family days out that we do a lot with the kids.

3. The park

The park is one of those places, they are made for kids but are loved by adults. I spent a ton of my teenage years sitting on the swings with that fresh breeze on my face. Just like soft play – kids are happy here for hours, or until they are thirsty, hungry, tired, or need the toilet. Usually, there is always a local park in close proximity.

4. Visit family or friends

If you don’t feel up to doing those other things, consider seeing your friends or family. Having social interactions can really improve your overall mood. It’s nice to have a catch-up and maybe ask them to cook for you to make it into a nice evening thing. You don’t have just go there, you could plan in advance to have a barbecue, a dinner, tea and cake, a movie night or an open fire.

5. Museum

museum day out

No matter where you live, it’s more than likely you will have access to a local museum. Not only are museums free, but they provide the whole family with the opportunity to discover something new. Whether you want to find out about the history of your area, information about dinosaurs or a specific subject that can be read about in your local museum, the museum is a great day out for all to enjoy. What makes a museum so great, is that every time you go you will experience something new. With new exhibitions being created all the time, there will always be something new for you to enjoy.

6. crabbing

As a child, it’s likely you went crabbing with your family at least once or twice. Crabbing is great for several reasons. Firstly, it gets the whole family out of the house and into nature. We often get so caught up with every day to day life that just getting out of the house alone is a great stress reliever. Secondly, it allows you and your family to explore nature in an exciting environment. You can explore your local rock pools with a crabbing kit (a bucket, net and crab line), catching small crabs and exploring the weird creatures found around the rock pools themselves. 

7. Family bike ride

When the weather is on your side, a family bike ride is one of the best (and cheapest) days out you can have. Once everyone can cycle to a high enough standard, you can begin exploring new areas of your local neighbourhood, cycling into the countryside or simply to a different area of the city. To make the most out of your bike ride, you can combine it with a family picnic. Simply stop off at a location of your choice, sit back and enjoy the food you have prepared!

8. Local festival events

Throughout the year, it’s likely that your area will hold local festivals. From cookouts and local parties to national celebrations such as firework nights and Christmas markets, local festival events allow you to get out and meet others in your area. 

9. Library

If you’re looking for some down time for you and your children, the library is actually a fantastic place to start. Not only is the library a very quiet place, but here, your children can explore a plethora of books based on the genres they love. This can become a weekly trip in which the whole family chooses a book they want to read that week. You can then replace the book the following week, allowing everyone to learn together.

10. Go for a walk

Going for a walk is one of the best ways for a family to bond. Whether you want to explore your local woods, or you want to take a day trip to the countryside, the world is yours to explore. When the weather is nice outside, you can spend whole days exploring the world around you. Not only will this work as a great day out, but the kids will be too tired to keep you awake when you finally get home.

There you have it, ten great days out that are either cheap or free. It’s also worth checking local places as usually they leaflets on display showcasing community activities and classes.


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