Dark Chocolate Apples Recipe

Dark Chocolate Toffee Apples Recipe. Toffee apples are a wonderful Halloween tradition that belongs in a well-known game called apple bobbing. Whilst you could buy your toffee apples reasonably cheap from nearly any supermarket, it makes no sense to do so. Trust me they are cheap for a reason. It’s likely because they are made with very poor quality sugary milk chocolate with the most minuscule amount of cocoa.

The apples used are not so great either and tend to be on the mushy bruised side. Whilst every manufacturer may vary, but generally, they want to keep profits high, and overheads low so this terminology makes sense. Nonetheless, toffee apples can be made in many different ways and because we have two young children, I don’t like to make the overly sweet variety. I do believe that the sweet glazed kind lacks flavour and overall just tastes of sugar.

I love the chocolate type, and I can’t stress it enough that your toffee apples will only be as good as the ingredients that you buy. You should find some great tasting apples, good varieties that I like are Braeburn and Gala. You could use any type of chocolate that you like, I like bittersweet dark chocolate that is at least 70% to avoid eating too much sugar.

Dark chocolate is also higher in iron and has a richer antioxidant content which is extremely beneficial to health. These are such a great treat on this special occasion, being so delicious and healthy, what more could you want? These are so good that my family make them often, not just on Halloween! I use icing sugar sprinkles for decoration on top.

Things you’ll need


  • Wash your apples and then dry them with a clean cloth
  • Spear a skewer or chopstick through the bottom of the apple
  • Boil some water in a saucepan on a low heat and place your bowl on top of it to melt your chocolate.
  • Once it has melted, holding the apple by the stick you can then begin to coat it in the chocolate, whilst letting the excess fall off.
  • Press the top of the apple into the icing sugar sprinkles.

If you would like to take it that step further you could, of course, use food colourings in some icing to create something more artistic. Or if you’re not that into the idea of using sprinkles you could replace them with the likes of raisins, ground almond, coconut, or marshmallows.

Whatever you put on top bear in mind that if you use these apples for bobbing, the ingredients may not taste the best when wet, however, dried fruits should be fine. If you feel like experimenting, essentially you can adjust this recipe to almost any fruit. I haven’t tried making it but I could imagine that dark chocolate bananas would be tasty.

Dark chocolate apple recipe video


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