Do you need to tip your waiter?

Do you need to tip your waiter? You absolutely do not have to tip your waiter or waitress. However, if you experienced great service with a smile, you probably should. It all comes down to whether you would like a server that is in a happy or bad mood. We have all eaten in a café or restaurant where the service was slow, and the waiter clearly dislikes their job. In scenarios like this, even the most generous of people do not want to leave a tip. However, when you get great service and you see them working particularly hard, a little tip could go a long way.

When I do writing, I like to go to cafes and write by hand with a pen and notepad as it helps me get less screen time. I tend to get a coffee, slice of cake, and sometimes a spot of lunch here and there. For that reason, I could end up spending all day in these types of places.

I see how hard these people work for such little money, and I feel that when they work hard, they deserve a tip. I see money as something that can help make some happy due to them feeling appreciated. Go for it, next time you get good service, give a little tip and feel good knowing you just made someone else feel good. You may have just made their day. A fair tip by rule is 10% of your bill, however, you can give as much or as little as you would like.

Do I need to pay a service charge in a restaurant?

You do not need to pay a service charge, it is an optional cost that is attached to the bill at some restaurants and I always ask for it to be removed. Not because I am tight but I feel that many dishes in comparison to what it costs to make them are expensive.

They are earning a large profit margin on each customer and I feel that it is cheeky for them to try force you to leave a tip by adding it to your receipt or bill without first consulting you. I understand that restaurants have overheads such as staff, electric, gas, rent, tax, etc. They do need to make their money, to cover costs and turn over a profit.

A tip is optional, and so is a service charge. For that reason, if they ask for more money, I generally refuse. When you are with a group of people, there can be a substantial amount of pressure to just pay the service charge, and it can sometimes be seen as being petty but it is not. Restaurant owners know about this type of peer pressure which is why they do it.

If you don’t want to pay the service charge, don’t pay it, and don’t let others convince you to do so. Just approach your waiter in private when you pay the bill and ask them to remove it. Most restaurants will be completely fine with this. Do you think a tip is necessary? Do you just pay the service charge because of peer pressure?


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