Eco Friendly Baby Products of 2022

When we had our first child, we ran a parenting blog and wrote about everything we learnt as parents. As our kids got older, we have been teaching them about the environment, which materials are eco friendly and the impact that plastic has on our health and the environment. With our mission to improve the world, we have developed a love for all natural materials and always buy the best quality things for our family.

An example of this is our wool duvets and pillows, glass containers for meal prep, stainless steel water bottles, cotton clothing and more. The point is that if you share our passion with all things natural and want the best for your family, you will love these eco friendly baby products, we have hand selected every product to provide you with the best ones. 

1. Baby Tights (3 Pack)

1. Baby Tights (3 Pack)

These baby tights come in three main colours, blue, white and charcoal. They are made from organic cotton which keeps them soft and breathable ensuring that your baby does not overheat. In addition to this, they are also highly elastic. Due to the elasticity of the tights, your baby will not feel restricted in any way and as a result will be able to move freely whilst they are awake. This allows them to sit comfortably, as well as explore the house as they begin to grow. 

They are the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether you’re going to the park, visiting family or simply sitting at home, you can be confident and happy knowing that your baby is comfortable. As they are relatively neutral colours, they can be combined with a number of different tops to create fun and exciting outfit variants. In addition to occasional wear, they are also great for different seasons. These baby tights can be worn in warm weathers and summer days without your baby overheating. At the same time, they are also perfect for keeping your little one snug on cold winter days. They can also be worn underneath trousers for additional warmth if conditions are particularly cold. 

After use, they can be washed using a washing machine along with all of your other babies clothes. Sizes vary from newborn to 4 years old, making these tights perfect for your baby as they grow up. We always suggest that you buy your tights slightly too large, this way your baby will still remain comfortable whilst they grow and develop. This way, they become an investment rather than a cost.

2. Eco Friendly Fibre Mattress

2. Eco Friendly Fibre Mattress 

Making sure your toddler is as comfortable as possible should be of the utmost importance. With this eco friendly Mattress, you can make sure your little one gets the best night’s sleep whenever they put their head on the pillow. Made of eco fibres without harsh chemicals, this extra thick mattress is both breathable and quilted to create the highest levels of comfort. It is the perfect choice for babies and toddlers, with hypo allergenic materials preventing any reactions with sensitive skin. 

To ensure you get the most use out of the mattress, both sides can be used and will last around 48 months before needing a replacement. In addition to this, a waterproof liner has been used to prevent liquid from entering the mattress should your little one have an accident. This can give you full peace of mind that they’re completely comfortable and the mattress is protected from any mess. If you wanted to make the mattress last longer, you could always pair it with a mattress protector.

This products was carefully designed to ensure a good night sleep, you can rest assured that your infant is sleeping throughout the night without trouble. Hopefully, with your little one being comfortable for as long as possible, you might even get a lay in on the weekends. This reversible thick mattress will help make sure that bedtime is enjoyable every night.  

  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water resistant
  • Eco Friendly
  • Perfect fit for most cot beds (120 x 60 x 10cm)
  • Made in the UK

3. Fitted Cotton Cot Sheets (2 Pack)

3. Fitted Cotton Cot Sheets (2 Pack) 

These fitted cot sheets are the perfect solution to helping your baby sleep at night. Available in a 2 pack, these sheets can provide your baby with a comfortable surface to sleep on. They are compatible with a wide array of cot sizes and designs ensuring the perfect bed conditions throughout the year. Each sheet is completely waterproof, which can prevent any damage caused by water or any other liquid throughout the night. 

What is a fitted sheet for a cot?

A fitted sheet has a total of four corners as well as between two or four sides that have been fitted with elastic. As a result, they are perfect for use as a bottom sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to keep it slipping off the mattress whilst the bed is being used by your baby. Therefore, your baby can sleep comfortably without the risk of their sheet slipping. These particular sheets are extremely comfortable, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably and without hassle throughout the night. 

How to fold your sheet?

There are many different ways to fold your sheet, all of which depend on your own personal preferences. The easiest way to fold any sheet is to start with the corners. Fold one corner to the other and continue to do so until the sheet has been folded to the size you are looking for. Once it is the perfect size, you can store your sheet in a dry location until it needs to be used.

4. Organic Wool Cot Bed Duvet

4. Organic Wool Cot Bed Duvet 

This anti allergy duvet is made from organic wool and is the best solution if you want the best for your babies health. Although it costs more, the duvet is an investment as it is long-lasting, doesn't require cleaning as often as it is naturally antibacterial and anti odour, it is breathable and means that baby will not wake up as often during the night because of being uncomfortable.

The wool fibres help keep baby cool in the summer and warmer in the summer months due to the naturally expanding 100% organic cotton and sheeps wool. With this duvet you can literally wrap your baby in cotton wool, it is not suitable for babies under 12 months. It is lightweight and is the perfect bedding cover for a junior in a cot bed. In our household we love wool bedding as it truly provides the most comfort, try it for yourself and you will want one too!

5. Cotton Baby Socks (12 Pairs)

5. Baby Socks (12 Pairs)

Bless their cotton socks, well, you can only bless them if they are cotton and not if they are polyester (plastic!). Cotton is one of the most natural materials for clothing and your baby deserves the best. The majority of socks are made with 100% polyester which is bad for the environment and for your skin. Other socks are often made with a mix of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and these luxury socks only contain 5% polyester. The truth is that polyester is useful when it comes to producing socks because it helps make them more stretchy and flexible, without it, socks become either too loose or tight.   

These unisex newborn-12 months baby socks come in tons of different colours to choose from such as purple, green, brown, grey, yellow, blue and more. This means you will have as much choice as you need when it comes to picking a pack. Because they come in packs of 5 pairs it will mean you are not going to be constantly washing socks, just make sure you keep them in pairs. Newborns tend to get cold feet all of the time because of the lack of movement being cuddled all of the time, they need socks to keep their tootsies warm and cosy, socks can also make a newborn feel more content. Having cold feet can disturb sleep so make sure they’re nice and warm at bedtime.

Many mums buy tons and tons of newborn baby socks that they just grow out of, but really you should only need 10 pairs of plain and coloured socks to avoid mixing them up in the washing. As these newborn socks last until your baby is 12 months it means they will be using them all year round, and even learning to walk and crawl in them. The materials that they are made with mean that these socks can be used in summer, winter, autumn and spring. It is a breathable yet cosy material, they are also super stretchy for the baby’s growing feet. Many grandparents and parents chose to hand knit baby socks, if you don’t already know how to knit, there are plenty of learning online courses to get you there.

6. Organic cotton cot bed pillow

6. Organic cotton cot bed pillow

If your baby is struggling to sleep due to the discomfort caused by their pillow, then this anti-allergy organic cotton cot bed pillow is the best choice for them. Made of extra soft materials, it is suitable from 12+ months. It is extremely safe, made of breathable materials that ensure safe, sleep-filled nights. the anti-allergy materials ensure even the most sensitive skin is protected, allowing for a better night’s sleep within your household. After all, you will have greater peace of mind when your baby sleeps. 

The pillow itself is machine washable and can also be tumble dried to save you the hassle of waiting for it to dry. This allows you to clean the pillow and have it back on the bed on the same day. The pillow has been praised for helping parents get their little ones to sleep, even if they had struggled in the past.

7. Portable wooden bed guard rail

wooden bed rail

Give your toddler that little bit of added protection during the night with this Portable Bed Guard Rail. Suitable for most beds, it prevents your little one from falling out the bed if they’re an active sleeper. This helps to avoid injury and helps to stop worrying during the night. This helps give you peace of mind and allows you to get a better night’s sleep. This rail is available in several different colours including blue, pink, and dark grey. It can be adjusted based on the bed it is being used in. 

The portable wooden bed guard rail itself is extremely easy to use. These comprehensive instructions will ensure you can use the rail no matter when you need it. This particular product is available throughout the UK via Amazon. Here, it has received multiple 5-star reviews for its ease of use and the benefits it brings (especially a better night’s sleep!).

8. Stainless Steel Bottle (350ml)

8. Stainless Steel Bottle (350ml)


Things we love about this bottle: it is leakproof, it can be used with or without the included straw, it is designed for kids, it is heavy duty, easy to clean, has no BPA and comes with a lifetime guarantee and is good for the planet. The bright yellow colour will attract your toddler to drink more water as it makes it more exciting to drink from as a big girl or boy's cup. Flip top lid to make it easy to drink from and securely closes without any leaks. Spill proof straw that ensures your little one wont be covered in water from head to toe the minute your head is turned.

Easy grip handles to let your little one get to grips with drinking on their own, and it encourages them to get the bottle them self without needing to be fed. Being BPA Free you can be assured that there will be no nasty chemicals going into your little ones drink. Easy to clean with a bottle brush or you can pop it in the top shelf of your dishwasher for a thorough clean. This bottle comes in many colours to choose from, so take a look and pick your favourite. 

9. Muslin cloth squares (100% cotton)

Muslins are one of the most important parenting gadgets, I highly recommend them to any new parent. These will be needed for years and years to come. They are good for wiping snotty noses, making a temporary nappy, swaddling, spit ups or sick ups, or even as your babies favourite blanket. With the extra large size 80x80cm its big enough to cradle your baby on a hard teething night, or for a cuddle with mummy & daddy. Made from durable 100% skin friendly cotton these will be your best friends.

10. Badger SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Cream

10. Badger SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Cream 

This product is natural based and does not contain any Parabens, Benzoate, phthalates, BPA, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Petroleum, UV Chemical absorbers or toxic chemicals. It has passed the whole foods premium care requirements. Out of 701 customer ratings, this product rated 4.6.

It has a 30 SPF, and whilst this product is considered more natural and safe than other leading brands, you should always do a patch test when applying anything new to your child’s skin to check for allergies. Always wear sun cream to protect yourself from the sun, but always wear a quality cream that doesn’t have any nasties!

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