12 Essential gifts for a teenager

1. Sony Headphones

Sony Headphones

These black foldable headphones have a simplistic contemporary design. Made by Sony. These are cheap and cheerful and are suitable for all your listening needs. I own a pair of these myself and they have lasted years. They are basic entry level headphones that are suitable as a first pair.

That being said they can be used for all types of applications such as music production, general listening, DJ, gaming, or even for connecting up to a digital piano. Swivel ear cushions means that you can turn it allowing you to hear with one ear whilst keeping the other free to hear other sounds in your environment. Adjustable band to fit most people, they make for a great gift for a teenager or anyone who enjoys listening to music.

Perfect if you are on a low budget, but don’t want to compromise on audio quality. Giving you a balanced sound, these lightweight headphones have a large frequency range from 10 – 24,000 Hz. Also, there are different colour options to choose from such as metallic black, red, blue or white.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Phone

Need an upgrade? or looking for the perfect gift for your teenager? look no further we have it covered with this Samsung galaxy s8 smart phone it is known to be the best budget android phone. The modern technology in this smart phone means that you can make phone calls, texts and connect to the internet on the go, whilst also making use of the various apps available on the Google Play store.

It is a great starter phone as your teen can play games, contact friends and of course let you know where they are and when they will be on their way home. Teenagers are vastly growing and so is the technology with them, this phone will ensure they can keep safe as they can contact you and when you need them to, unless they run out of battery but it has a good batter life so don’t worry about that.

This phone is simple and easy to use, most teens and adults pick up how to use it quickly. If you are using it for work it will ensure you can always stay connected with colleagues via email and messenger. There is 64gb of memory so it means you or your teen can download your favourite games and take tons of clear photos and videos with it safely on your phone. If you are from the UK delivery is fast and free, what a bonus.

3. Recycled bike clock

recycled bike clock

Just wow, a clock made out of spare bike parts. Why settle for anything less than the character that this offers. This stunning metal clock is perfect for a modern and contemporary bedroom. Its simplistic design allows it to match all home decor. It would look great on top of a fire place to be a centerpiece when people walk into the room it grabs their attention at how beautiful it really is.

The wonderful thing about these is that they are handmade in India using old bike parts and chains. As they are from India it means they are fair trade, so they are paid a fair price and respected whilst creating them. This recycling helps to reduce waste and reduces landfill drastically. Parts are welded to form the solid structure and the result is an awesome new item.

Having a clock is an essential part of living, we all need to learn to keep time better. Every single one of us is in a rush at some point, time keeping is tough but having a beauty of a clock to look at all the time will make it easier. This clock can be a perfect gift for a child or teen to help them with time keeping, showing them what hand goes where at what time and so on.

Clocks ensure stability in children’s lives, you can show them that at a certain time in the day they are going to be doing something and they need to be ready at that time.

4. Recycled Bike Bookends

bike bookends made from chain

Can you think of a better way to use scrap bike parts than to make a stunning ornamental bike that offers actual functionality? Hold all your books on the shelf, and appreciate the beauty of this recycled metal. 

If your teenager loves to read or has several books that look messy on the shelf then these should do the trick. These simple bike bookends have been made from old bike parts to form a brand new bike ornament. Its solid construction from welding metal parts together will help keep those books in place. Forming the perfect right angle, place a bookend either side and turn that mess into a display. Being made in India it means they are fair trade and the material makes it eco friendly. Not only are these bookends good for teens but adults can enjoy them as a gift for around the house, you can never have enough books and these will help them look stylish and not just chucked into a corner.

Bookends can really change how a room feels, it can go from unorganised and messy and all you have to do is place them somewhere that everyone will see when they enter the room and it adds a real rustic affect, being recycled means no waste and better for the environment, we’ve got to keep Mother Nature happy. Not only are these used for books, but you can have them on your work desk to organise paperwork and notepads, keeping your desk free from clutter and adding a beautiful piece to look at.

5. Assorted Bamboo Socks

Assorted Bamboo Socks


Socks have got to be one of the most common gifts at Christmas time. Plain, cotton socks, or if you’re lucky you might receive a warm fluffy pair, or even the ones that go into each toe. These socks are far from the ordinary type. Brought to you by Carved Culture. These bamboo socks come in assorted designs. Featuring maps, stripes, bicycles, cats and more.

They come in various sizes from 3-11. Suitable for men and women. All the designs are gender neutral meaning you can get them for anyone! Bamboo is becoming more and more popular as we come into being a more eco friendly world, no more need to use tons of plastic, especially for socks. They are there to keep your feet warm and cosy especially in those winter months.

As bamboo is super absorbent it means your feet will keep less moist and less chance for build up of bacteria as it allows the air to circulate. The benefits of wearing bamboo socks are endless, they would be a great gift for someone who suffers bad foot odour, its a nice gesture to try saying it without actually saying it. Bamboo is also temperature flexible meaning in the summer your feet can breath and feel cool were as in the winter they will feel nice, warm and cosy.

6. Bluetooth Shower Speaker Water Resistant

Bluetooth Shower Speaker Water Resistant

This is just about as good as it gets, the days where you use your phones built in speaker in the bathroom to listen to music whilst you bathe or shower are gone. Your phone will no longer be at risk of steam or water damage you can keep it out of the bathroom. Listen to your favourite songs loud in the bathroom, that way you can sing to your hearts content.

This loud little speaker is water resistant, and can survive those accidental splashes at home, office, pools, beaches, boat trips, camping. It’s crisp stereo sound means that you can use it to listen to music out loud at a party or when you are having a small gathering with friends. It will become your new favourite way to listen to music. On its back you will find a suction cap so that it can stick to any surface.

Not just for music, you can also use this little device as a handsfree speaker for making those phone calls, so you can call up your friends about where they are meeting you on a night out so you can keep in the loop. It’s long battery life means that you can listen to music non stop for up to 6 hours without it needing a charge. When you do charge it, in just 2 hours the battery will be full and ready to go.

It’s compatible with all major devices such as with Android and iOS smartphones, iPads, tablets, PCs, Bluetooth transmitter and other Bluetooth enabled stereo music devices. This is the ultimate gift for any teenager because they will actually enjoy showering more. The speaker comes in two different colours to chose from blue or black, both gender neutral.

7. Canon IXUS Digital Camera

Canon ixus compact camera

In need of the perfect gift? A camera is a popular one especially at Christmas time for a child, teen or adult. Cameras are essential for travelling the world, you can keep all of the photos and memories all on one small camera. If your work involves trying out foods, hotels, and other places then having a camera with clear beautiful images is needed, look no further we’ve got it covered. This digital camera is easy to use. Capable of taking high-quality 20mp photo with 720p HD filming. It is small and compact meaning when your done with taking pictures/videos you can just pop it back in your pocket.

This camera comes in a variety of colours from silver, black and red. Some accessories you can get it is a camera case to keep your camera protected, but you can also use an external memory card for extra space. The camera comes with a rechargeable battery, meaning if you run out of charge just pop it into the batter charger and before you know it you can get back to taking fantastic snaps. If you are from the UK it is free delivery and free returns if you are not 100% happy they will help you. This is a perfect first camera for a child, they can use it to practice basic photography and develop an understanding for the visual world. It is suited to a child who can take care of their things, and whilst a good quality camera for a child may seem like a not good option.

We do highly recommend it because it will allow the child to take good quality photos right from the beginning which will allow their confidence to grow as they improve and will increase their self esteem. Using a cheaper camera that doesn’t take as good photos will only be an expensive liability later on when they have to continuously upgrade. Our five year old daughter has this camera and she takes some wonderful photos. She also like filming her toys, and exploring her imagination. I would highly recommend this camera to any parent.

8. Green People Deodorant

Green People Deodorant

This deodorant by the Green People will blow your mind. It is made from scents of Peppermint & Eucalyptus and fairly traded Shea butter.  Due to being a natural product, it is highly unlikely to irritate the skin. The Prebiotics will help combat body odour extremely well. It is light to wear and doesn’t clog your pores. Ultimately it is the best choice for deodorant as it doesn’t contain all of those nasties that regular commercial deodorants have. Look no further. Teenagers generally sweat a lot more due to how active they are and those common sprays are not only bad for the environment but also don’t combat the smell but instead mask it.

I personally use this deodorant myself and can happily say that instead of people noticing BO, I get positive comments that I smell nice. With good reason. Mint essential has such a fresh smell. Who wouldn’t want to smell like fresh mint?

9. Metal Water Bottle

Metal Water Bottle

Firstly this metal water bottle is so versatile, it can be used to store hot liquids such as tea, coffee, soup or stews. As well as being able to store and hold up to 500ml of cold water, ice, fruit, the possibilities are endless you could even put in your favourite juice, smoothies and alcoholic drinks if you’d like. with the double walled vacuum it has maximum insulation meaning your hot things can stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold will keep for 24 hours. Meaning if you are travelling around for long periods of time you can keep hydrated without worrying about your tea loosing heat.

Being 500ml you can even purchase this bottle for your child for their school water/juice bottle. Or you can buy it as a gift for all the family saving the world that more and more everyday. At an affordable cost.

This bottle can be used all day everyday. It is easy to clean, it can hook onto your bike, your bag, your belt and more! The bottle can be used everywhere, the beach, hiking, camping, yoga and much much more.

Being completely BPA FREE it is eco friendly and non toxic for your health, and as it contains no traces of plastic you will be doing no harm to yourself or the environment swell as keeping yourself and others hydrated. It is dishwasher safe, and contains a stainless steel finish meaning no metallic taste left in your mouth.

Due to its double vacuumed wall it ensures there will be no condensation when storing hot or cold liquids meaning no more wet patches all over your things, and the tight fitted spill proof lid means leaking in your favourite bag is no more a problem. With a natural bamboo trim it creates a subtle but powerful contrast between the natural metals and the uniquely grained bamboo. The bottle in comparison to a generic water bottle is far superior, this is because you will get a refreshing taste from the water without any odour or toxins.

10. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Life straws are a new favourite in fact they are award winning, they are a must have for travellers an hikers or anyone for that matter. It is an essential to have for your very own survival kit. Water is the most important thing for our bodies, we are after all made up of around 60% water so its important to keep it up and always stay hydrated.

If you find yourself stranded out in the middle of nowhere, thirsty but all you have around you is dirty contaminated water, the life straw will come to rescue as it stops bacteria from staying in the water that is sucked up. Each life straw product brought is a years supply of clean drinking water for a school child in a developing community. It removes water Borne bacterias, e.coli and many other waterborne contaminants.

The perfect gift for a family member, yourself, or even that adventurous friend you know is just eager to drink from a dirty pond anywhere. At least then you can ensure maximum safety for all. These straws can be Brough it bulk so you can have one for everyone. There is no longer a need to buy plastic bottled water meaning your saving the environment one step at a time.

The lifestraw contains no harsh chemicals to ensure you are getting the purest of waters from the dirty water. It can filter 4,000 liters of contaminated water without the use of chemicals such as chlorine, and iodine. You can easily store the lifestraw in your pocket, bag, purse as it is ultra lightweight weighing only 57 grams you can also hook it onto a necklace and have it round your neck for easy access when needed. As it has a high flow rate it makes it easier to drink from streams, lakes and more.

11. Philips Stereo CD Player

Philips Stereo CD Player

This product is in the tween category however, it really is suitable for any age. In fact, I don’t know a single person who does not like listening to music. For kids, music is supposed to be really good for their development, in regards to social skills, rhythm, and improving memory. My children are very young, at age two and four years old. They love listening to music everyday, and they always ask for it to go on! When I was younger, the first music player I had was a tape cassette player and I loved it, and when I got my first stereo, I was at my most happiest. I would play music all day every day, and for christmases and birthdays I would just ask for new CD’s.

Now that we are in the digital age, and music is available for free on the internet. It is more important than ever to buy actual disks so that you can support the artist or band who makes the songs that you like. Also, so that you can start your own collection, that you can have for the rest of your life. The music industry is always changing and some of those old songs just end up getting lost. Meaning that after a while, you just don't listen to them again. This is sad, especially when some tracks are your favorites for so long and when you do hear some of them again, it touches the heart.

When I play music for my four-year-old daughter, she dances around the living room. She is not amazing at dancing but she has passion and I love that. It makes her happy, and that makes me happy! This stereo is a perfect gift, and your child will love playing CD’s independently in their room. A lot of parents struggle to get a toy that theirs kids will actually play with, with this you will have the opposite. You will likely be telling them to turn the music down! For younger ones you can get nursery rhymes, and bedtime story CD’s that will help them sleep at night and could also teach them something new.

12. Portable Power Bank Charger

Portable Power Bank Charger

These portable power banks are great, you can charge them up at home and take them out with you. When your phone gets low, using a USB cable simply plug your phone in and you can prevent your phones battery from dying. These are especially great if you forget to charge your phone but keep a spare power bank in your bag. Also, certain apps for the phone are really heavy on the battery, and if you are out and about trying to get somewhere using a map app when you are lost, the last thing you want to happen is your battery to die.

For teenagers who love the game Pokemon GO, they will tell you that the game is extremely fun but it does drain your battery and this spoils it. With a power bank or two, you can catch them all, but for parents this is less about games and more about peace of mind. If your teenager has one of these they can charge their mobile whilst they are out and can keep texting you to let you know that they are safe. Phones are wonderful tools for communication and these little power banks are small enough to fit in the pocket being the same size of lipstick, yet they hold enough power to charge your phone fully. Anker is the leading American USB charging brand. This product is suitable for Samsung mobiles only and is not compatible with Apple products. It comes with a travel pouch and an 18 month warranty to provide complete peace of mind.

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