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What are arts & crafts? 

The definition of the term: “arts and crafts” is the; ‘decorating design, and handicraft - meaning; an activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand.

Different Types?

There are many types of arts and crafts using lots of different types of materials such as wood, leather, fabrics, clay, paper, natural eco-friendly nuts, seeds, buttons, and plastic. There are crafts to do at home for toddlers, kids, and adults. Types of craft include but are not limited to sewing with needle and thread, jewellery making, DIY projects, pottery with ceramics and glass, mosaic, textiles, wooden carving, weaving, furniture, and paper crafts.

There are simply too many types to list them all, and although craft supposedly originated in the UK around the late 19th century, it has been extremely popular ever since. It is a great hobby to have, it doesn’t have to be a long project, even 5-minute craft has become popular. You can even craft a box for your pencils, or if you would like to make some activities for younger ones, you can draw faces on paper plates, or use a ready-made kit!

From my own experience in regard to making items with woods, knitting, and painting, I have adapted these hobbies into my lifestyle, from implementing ideas, creating and designing personalised gifts for birthdays, and I have found that it is very enjoyable, when you get it wrong it becomes a valuable lesson and when you get it right its so rewarding.

Before you start making!

I know you are most likely eager to start, but before you do we highly recommend ensuring that beforehand you have a table where you can keep your tools, box of supplies, glue, and ensure you have the correct safety equipment before handling chemicals or sharp instruments such as gloves, eyewear, and a mask if necessary, your health is the most important thing here.

You can do arts and crafts through the use of recycled material, for example I have seen many crafted items that have been made using pine cones and these naturally grow and can be found around parks, conkers is another one or another good way is when you throw out some clothing, take the buttons from it and place it in a jar for use another day. Collect your materials, and then get ready for the fun! 


Most popular arts and craft supplies and items

1. Stationary pack

stationary pack
This stationary pack is great for school, students at university, as a gift, in a business office setting, perfect for designing or even for teachers! If you work in the education sector, please contact us beforehand regarding wholesale.

2. Tagua seeds

250g tagua pack bag
Tagua is known as vegetable nut ivory, and this 250g pack bag is perfect for beginner craft, it can be used to make jewellery, using the nuts as beads for necklaces and bracelets, or you can use them with other materials to make ornaments!

3. Ghanian Kente Cloth Strip

kente cloth
These kente cloth material strips originate from Ghana, Africa. They can be used for sewing together to make patchwork rugs, pillow, upholstery, quilts, looms, scarves, bow-ties, backpacks for kids, tops, trousers and all sorts of clothing. They come in many patterns, featuring symbols, colours and different designs.

What makes our kente cloth special? 

As you may know there are lots of sellers of this African material online, in forms of yarn and ribbon, but the history dates back to 1701, kente is the local cloth in Ghana, and most of the resellers are not ethical, meaning that they do not come from Africa, they are simply prints, whereas ours are 100% genuine, fair-trade to the makers meaning that they get paid a good price for their product. By definition, it is a brightly coloured cloth consisting of separate strips sewn together. 

4. Recycled Sari String

sari string
This is a wonderful fabric, that offers fashion, and style. Sari by definition is a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk and usually comes from Asia. It comes as a ball of string that can be used for many types of craft including curtain tie making, if you have the skills it could be used to make art, parts for a bag, clothing accessories, puppets, etc. Each ball is at a length between 8 m and 10. 

5. Coloured Craft Felt

craft felt
This craft felt is made of wool, they come in 1 metre balls and can be used to make hats and if you have the skills you could also make coasters, rugs, keyring, and for knitting. They come from Nepal, India and can be a variety of different colours, we have brown, green, yellow, red and pink. 

6. Twig crayon pencils

twig pencils
My children love these pencils, they use them every single day! Ten different colours, perfect for drawing, art sketches, and made from the twig of a tree, what could be more natural, more beautiful, these always impress, make sure you have a sharpener handy!

7. 2kg of Mixed Tagua Slices

2kg mixed tagua slices

Similar to our 250g packs but also very different, this bundle features many different shapes, sizes and colours, for the intermediate to advanced craftsman! This will ensure you get a great mix so that you can make the type of jewellery that you want!

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