Health benefits of swimming

Swimming is amazing, as a child my dad used to take me once a week and I always had a great time. It helped me become a confident strong swimmer, as well as providing the many health benefits of swimming for children such as:

  • Reduces stress
  • Build muscular strength and Improve overall heart and lung health
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Tones muscle
  • Improve mental health

There are many other benefits both physically and mentally. But the truth of it is that even learning to swim as a child is a wonderful skill that your child will likely use for the rest of their lives. If your child is around 2 years old or younger. You may need to help them get used to the water to help get rid of their initial fear of the water. After they are more comfortable, they will then be able to start learning to swim.

How often should I go swimming?

If your goal is to teach your child to swim through swimming lessons or by teaching them yourself it is recommended to take them two to three times per week. This will help them gain a ton of confidence in the water. For general fun, or for a slower learning process. Some children may prefer to go less often around once a week.

To help with the initial fear that your child may have, armbands could be useful. However, you will still need to stay close by just in case your child gets worried and needs you for support. Some swimming pool centres may provide floats and other things that can make the experience more fun. If you’d like you could bring your own but each leisure centre may have different rules regarding what is allowed and what is prohibited.

There are extra items that are beneficial such as goggles or a snorkel. Goggles are used for swimming underwater with your eyes open and can make the experience more fun for your child. It can also help reduce eye soreness from the high chlorine levels in the water. Snorkels are used for breathing underwater. They are suitable for a more advanced child, who is a stronger swimmer. If you are new to the whole swimming experience you should know that after you are finished swimming, it is likely that you will all be really hungry.

If you intend to go swimming because you want to keep fit then you should try to go as often as possible because it is a great cardio workout but it does of course depend on what you would like to achieve. Going once a week is obviously better than not going at all.

How long should I stay in the swimming pool?

You should try to make sure that you do not spend any longer than 1 hour in the swimming pool. This is because your body will start to absorb the water. It also will increase the likelihood of suffering from health conditions such as asthma, hay fever, and other allergies. Around 30 minutes is considered the best amount of time to spend in a swimming pool. To avoid the downsides to swimming, if you can smell the chlorine really strong. You should either express your concerns or go to a different pool.


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