Healthy vegan breakfast ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why do we limit ourselves to the same old boring breakfasts? Why don’t we change it up a bit or even eat something a bit healthier so that we can start the day the right way! These are the top 5 healthy vegan breakfast ideas that my kids love to eat.

1. Cereal

vegan porridge with fruit

Now cereals don’t have to be sugar-coated and they shouldn’t be. Especially when kids are concerned, starting the day with a bowl of sugar is only going to set them up to fail. For there day and may even cause addiction to sugar later on in adult lives. What cereals are the healthiest? I recommend a range of them that you can switch between to keep things getting stale.

Whilst these are healthy, they don’t have to be tasteless. You can try them with different kinds of milk like oat, cashew, almond, etc. You can top them with banana and honey, or strawberries with maple syrup, apple and cinnamon, or even top with toasted nuts and grated dark chocolate. There are plenty of ways to keep these types of breakfast interesting without too much creativity.

  • Shredded Wheat
  • Weetabix
  • Bran Flakes
  • Muesli
  • Cornflakes
  • Porridge

2. Pancakes

These are a hit, who says pancakes have to be only on pancake day? We add simple fruits, organic maple syrup, soy yogurt, nuts, etc. and you have yourself perfect pancakes!

They are not something that you could have every day but are a fantastic treat, with the right combinations of fruits, nuts, and a small amount of maple syrup it is still much better for you than conventional cereals that we see flooding the market of today.

3. Flapjack

flapjack image

Handmade healthy no-cook flapjack bars as a quick morning breakfast that will keep your little one happy. I strongly recommend that you do not buy these as pre-made breakfast bars from the shop or supermarket as they likely will be extremely unhealthy loaded with sugar and full of preservatives.

You can make these using dates, raisins, nuts, oats, seeds, desiccated coconut, grated apples, and mashed bananas. Anything healthy just pop it in the blender or food processor and form them into fun-size bars!


Grate around 2 apples, mash 2 bananas, finely chopped raisins, nuts, and dates. Grab yourself a large bowl pour in 2-3 cups of oats and 2 tbsp of desiccated coconut then mix in the rest of the ingredients.

Give the mixture a good stir, eventually, once the ingredients are all combined you can pour the mixture into a greaseproof tray, bake in the oven for around 10-15 minutes until golden brown, let it cool, cut into bitesize chunks serve and enjoy!

4. Toast

When we say we don’t mean the commercial soft square block that you see in the shops, they contain lots of nasties and are so processed. You should either go for an organic bread that you could freeze, make your own or try to get to the bakery.

Do whatever is the most convenient for you. Wholemeal is, of course, the best and this is because white bread is made from grains that have had the brown removed, and contains only the starchy sugary carb known as all-purpose plain white flour.

Things that we love to top toast with

5. Healthy Vegan Full English Breakfast

This dish does take a little longer than the others, I would recommend keeping it for a weekend breakfast when there’s no rush and you can just relax after. My children, my partner and I love this breakfast, it is so filling and is the tastiest of all!

This includes Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages, avocado, seeded brown bread (toasted) vegan garlic butter mushrooms, baked beans and grilled tomatoes with salt, pepper, and basil. I know I could make my own vegetarian sausages but these ones are great and taste just like meat without the bad stuff!

These are just some of our favourite breakfast ideas to switch up your mornings! Sometimes we even just have a big bowl of fresh mixed fruits, pre-prepared the night before and squeeze Lemon or orange juice over it to keep it fresh, and you have the perfect healthy morning meal that is ready to eat.


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