jewellery making with beads, seeds and nuts

To make jewellery with tagua seeds, you will of course need some tagua seeds. You should make sure that you buy Tagua seeds from a reputable seller to ensure that they are of a high quality and are dyed naturally. We sell Tagua seeds and they come as a 250g pack or in a netted 2kg bag. These seeds are perfect for making jewellery simply because they are natural and are colourful. Because of processing, each seed has two holes which makes it that much easier to start right away and get making earrings with wire.

Six Colourful Bold Tagua Seeds

When it comes to turning a Tagua seed into a pendant for necklaces, you will need to drill a hole directly through one. Whilst it is possible that they will split or crack during the drilling process. There are some precautions that you can take to ensure that this doesn’t happen. 

  • Use the correct drill bit, we recommend a wood drilling bit.
  • Start with a thin drill bit and go up in sizes slowly if necessary.
  • Drill slowly with a stopping and starting technique.

Once you have a hole in your Tagua seed, you can then remove the metal clam by twisting it from the necklace carefully using pliers. Insert the Tagua seed and then put the clam back on by twisting it back the other way. This is a simple way to make necklaces especially if you wanted to make necklaces or bracelets without the pre-fitted components yourself from a cotton waxed cord or from a type of metal wire.

Black Cotton Wax Necklace Cord

The process will be similar to make any other jewellery. However, you will need to go ahead and predrill those holes in each seed. Then you can add your components to the piece and finish it as normal. As each seed is a different size, you may be better off with a large quantity so that you can hand-select the perfect ones for your project.

Making necklace with Tagua Seeds Video


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