How to make mint sauce (easy)

The homemade mint sauce can be made quickly and goes perfectly with roast lamb. When we go for a Sunday roast, the most common thing for someone to say is, "do you have any mint sauce?" It is supposed to pair with lamb, but it goes with any meat and even tastes great with roast potatoes. 

You can also use the homemade mint sauce in your salad dressing to make it taste more exciting, or you can add it to marrowfat peas to make minty mushy peas. When you are eating spicy curry and make up a batch of cucumber raita to cool it down, consider adding a little mint sauce into the yoghurt and cucumber for a twist that will cool the dish down. 

Mint sauce recipe (video)


  • Fresh mint (1 cup)
  • Sugar (1 1/2tbsp)
  • Boiling water (3tbsp)
  • White wine vinegar (2tbsp)


  • Separate the mint leaves from the stalks. For the mint sauce, you will be keeping the leaves and discarding the stem.
  • Gather the mint leaves on the chopping board with the sugar and roughly chop.
  • Transfer the mint and sugar to a pestle and mortar, add the water and mix - slightly crushing the mint with the pestle to release the aroma and extract the flavour. 
  • Then you will need to add the vinegar and mix well. Finally, leave the mint sauce to stand for an hour and then it is ready to use. You can refrigerate it for one week. 

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