How to make money from YouTube?

Making money from YouTube is not an easy way to make money at all. Some consider it passive income but the income that comes from it is by no means passive. This is because passive income suggests that you can make money without having to do anything. Whilst many have been very successful making money with YouTube and you can too, it is worth knowing that building the foundations for success on the platform will take a lot of hard work, planning and research.

Once you have done the relevant research, you should go ahead with planning. Brainstorming your ideas is the best way to figure out what you are going to make videos about, what niche if any you are going to be focussing on. It’s also worth noting that anything you choose to make videos for you should either be very interested in the topic or very knowledgeable as an expert if you would like to be taken seriously as a key person of influence within regards to your chosen industry.

It is often overlooked that the best way to get views from your YouTube video is just create amazing content. This type of content that is worthy of being watched will be watched, people will stay to watch the whole video, Googles algorithm will pick this up and promote it higher up the results and for more search queries.

On top of that, if people like the video and are proud to show it off to there friends by sharing it on social media, this leads the video to be seen by even more people. You should make content that is 100% perfect, that you are proud of, and is share-worthy. It is only when you have completely mastered a video that you should go ahead and do things like ‘Creating professional thumbnails, keyword research, backlinks etc.

If your focus is to create quality SEO and not quality content, then you will get viewers. Then googles algorithm will notice people only watch 10 seconds of your (7 minute video) and this in turn will make you unable to rank for all of the keywords that you worked hard for.

What you will need to look professional on YouTube

  • A high-quality logo, preferably made by a designer who can send you all the relevant sizes, formats and resolutions.
  • Intro and outro videos for before and after the video to help with your brand identity.

When it comes to making actual videos, you will need to think about how you are going to capture high-quality audio, video as well as some other aspects including editing.

The importance of a thumbnail

When it comes to making YouTube videos, you should not underestimate the power of a high-quality image thumbnail as the main picture of your video. You should make sure that it is a frame that actually exists somewhere in your video.

If not your viewers will likely see it as misleading and may avoid your content in the future. Misleading content is becoming more and more of a problem, many you-tubers are trying to gain more views through click-bait tricks. The best thing to do is when you are filming on set, take a quick professional image that you can later on use as the thumbnail.

For capturing high-quality audio

A great multipurpose professional microphone that I would recommend is the Rode NT1A – An Australian condenser mic that can be used for recording voice-overs, as well as recording, to capture vocals clearly and dynamically.

For filming HD video & professional photos

canon dslr camera 

Capturing high-quality HD 1080p video, and professional studio photos I would highly recommend a Canon DSLR

For editing your video. It’s no doubt that final cut pro is the best for the job but it is only compatible with an Apple computer. Other great options, in my opinion, include adobe premiere, and Sony Vegas.

How often should I upload a YouTube video?

The frequency that you upload videos very much depends on how you work. Overall, you should aim to post at least once per week, posting more if you can handle it. I wouldn’t post any more than 3 times per week though otherwise your subscribers may get fed up. Whatever frequency you go with, you should ensure that you are consistent from the beginning.

To get more views, likes and subscribers on your videos you will need to focus on increasing your traffic. Which will, in turn, help you earn more revenue. This is all a part of marketing. Here are some things that you can do to increase your traffic on your videos:

If you have a website, link to and from your YouTube channel. If you are making blogs about the same things mentioned in your video, embed your videos to it. This is because some people prefer to watch a video over reading as it is a quicker way to receive information. If you have writing and a video you can help both types of people.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation and it is mainly known if you own your own website but the principles also apply to YouTube and other websites. Ensure your video title and description is a good length and contains all the relevant keywords that you would like to be found for.

To find keywords to use, I recommend using Neil Patels – Uber Suggest. It will show you the number of people searching for that word and how difficult or easy it is to rank for. To find out if something is popular, you should use ‘Google Trends’. It would be a waste of time making a video that no one will be interested in.

How to use social media to gain more traffic?

Create social media backlinks – simply ensure you have created all social media with the same name as your YouTube channel, you should feature your logo, and ensure that each platform contains the link to your YouTube account, as this will give it a boost on googles search results.

If you are making videos say once per week, you should also post these videos to your Facebook page, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram profiles as this will likely get you more views.

How to use Quora to gain more traffic?

Quora is a questions and answers website and if your videos are answering a problem that people have. You could answer people’s questions on there using your video link as a resource. This will get you more views whilst also helping people. Even if your videos are unrelated to questions on there, it is still a wonderful tool with millions of users.

You can ask any question to professional people who will have the answers you are looking for. If you are serious about YouTube monetisation. It’s likely that you will come across a few hurdles that you will need help climbing over. Paid advertising – Whilst you could do paid advertising with companies like Google, Microsoft Bing, and Facebook campaigns. It would likely be a waste of money mainly due to a low ROI (Return on investment).

With some business models, paid advertising can be very successful but with YouTube it is unlikely. 

How to use a website to get more traffic and revenue?

A great idea, especially if you plan on making lots of videos would be to also set up a website based on your niche. You could use your logo, other media on there. The reason this idea would work so well is because you already have the content. You will not need to create any fresh ideas. You can literally watch your own videos that you have already made and start writing blog post article versions of them, with google AdSense as a monetisation method. This will require minimal effort and would, of course, be another way to make money.

From this method, you could also link to your articles from your YouTube and embed your videos on your article so that your followers have a choice of whether to read your article or whether to watch the video for quickness. This will definitely ensure better results and could give your YouTube a massive growth. If you don’t fancy making your own website, you could join the Medium partner program and write your article up on their instead, you can still use backlinks and if you get a lot of traffic, you can get paid for your article views.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article on how to make money from YouTube. Do you make money from YouTube? Do you have any tips that we have missed?


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