How to Make Money on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a growing online marketplace where you can find experts in various fields such as video, design, graphics, editing, music, translation, website, SEO and more. These experts are available to complete freelance work, for most gigs there are 3 tiers to choose from. Each tier is a different price and offers different aspects to the service.

To make any money you will need to set up an account and choose your area of expertise. You can have multiple gigs set up if you have the skillset, however, for now you should stick to one. The first thing to do would be to complete your profile with an about me description and a professional photo. You could even pay someone on Fiverr to design an animated photo for you. When writing your about me description, you should try be as detailed as possible, this will ensure that you qualify for the relevant keywords and in turn you will get found on google for your services.

Include some common questions on your FAQ’s, this will be helpful for your customers and will reduce the need for them to message you before ordering. Then you will need to do some research, search on Fiverr what it is that you would like to do for your service, look at other peoples gigs and create your own one based around being more competitive in pricing, offer slightly more in your service, and be more detailed. Later on when you have customer reviews, you can adjust your gig in price to match competitors. When selling on Fiverr, there are three factors that could determine your success or failure.

1. Response rate

You will likely get messages from potential customers that may have an interest in your service, it is important that you reply fast to ensure your rate is at 100%. Even if the message doesn’t seem like it needs a reply, by not replying the algorithm will demote your listing. As you start as a basic seller, to achieve level 1 and following levels you will need to maintain one hundred percent. A great way to achieve this goal, is to install the app on your phone and turn notifications on. When you respond, in order to get the job, you should remain professional and should keep an open mind for your customer’s project.

2. Deliver on Time

On your gig, if you set that you can complete the service within 3 days. Then you must keep within this timeframe, if you get a late delivery this will affect your future sales.

3. Order Completion

Be careful what you put on your gig, if you cannot complete the work set and you have to cancel the job because it is out of your expertise. Fiverr’s algorithm will demote you and you may not get another chance. When it comes to delivering your gig, add something extra, something unexpected so that you don’t just complete the order, you exceed expectations. Rely on your happy customers to do your marketing for you, this will be in the form of word of mouth, and your 5 star reviews. 

4.  Stick to a niche

Staying within a niche is relevant for most businesses and on Fiverr, it is crucial. Let’s imagine that you are a singer and one of your gigs offers a service where a customer can pay for you to sing on there song. Your chosen niche is music, therefore a song writing gig would also work. The way that it may get you further business is because if a customer decides to look on your profile they will see all relevant gigs, and you will be increasing your chances to be seen as an expert in your niche and may spark further interest.

5. Portfolio

In order to gain sales, you should setup a portfolio featuring your best work and if possible a video. If people can connect with you through a video, you will increase your CTR (Click through rate).

6. Increasing your prices

Perhaps you are already earning money on Fiverr but want to up your game. Before you go ahead and up your prices, I’d recommend that you change only your high end tier, so that you still have a budget option available to customers. That way you will tempt people to go all out, people who want only the best work will go for it, but you main customers will be buying in the middle so pay close attention to the standard tier as well. I wish you the best of luck, get started on Fiverr.

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