Industrial furniture for Interior design

Industrial furniture originated in 1760 to support the manufacturing industry in Great Britain and since then it has spread around the world. From 1760 to 2020, as you can imagine the furniture industry has advanced a lot through the use of both manual carpentry techniques and in machinery. 

We specialise in wood furniture and have reimagined industrial furniture with sustainable mango wood and black steel table legs which creates a contrasting outline and array of colours. The exotic wood combined with the metal legs allows for a minimal look in a professional modern home.

Our coffee tables, dining tables and bedside cabinets are hand crafted in Jodhpur, India by artisans and independent mango wood manufacturers. Over the years our team have been learning about the interior design aspects of industrial furniture and we want to show you how you can customise your mango wood coffee table. 

The steel legs are customisable, and our rustic furniture will look good in any room of your home. On top of that we also have complementing decor. The size of our dining table top can be customised so that you can use it as a suitable table for your dining room or so that you can have it as a desk for your office. Its the same with  our coffee table, it is suitable for drinks but could also be used in the bedroom as a console table for the TV. 

How to use industrial furniture for interior design

To make the industrial furniture look its best we recommend starting at the floor. The type of floor that looks the best is of course solid wooden floor or laminate. Rugs can be used to add to the look and are a great way to add a splash of colour whilst protecting your wooden floors. If you don’t want to use a rug, don’t worry because we do include rubber feet to protect the floor. 

The next thing to look at is the colour of your walls and the texture. Industrial furniture looks great in front of a brick wall that has red hues or brown undertones. Another thing that can make a piece of furniture pop is using natural elements such as a plastered wall as a feature wall with the furniture in front of it. You can also use a plain white wall as a black canvas for the furniture and art work.

The last thing to think about is the secondary colour accents and furnishings such as cushions and curtain. The colours you choose across the room are up to you, you could go for a contrasting colour or a complementary colour using a colour wheel.

In the future we are looking to expand to bookcases, bar stools but let us know in the comments what your favourite type of industrial furniture is. 


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