Jurassic park Kalimba tab

The Jurassic park films are amazing to say the least, and every time I hear the theme song soundtrack it always makes me feel emotional. It really captures the essence of the film and makes you feel an array of different feelings all at the same time. 

Even though years have gone by, the music in all five films hasn't really changed all that much and it's obvious why. If it works extremely well, why change it. Anyway, your here because you want to play the soundtrack melody on the kalimba.

Below you will find a video of me playing it on the coconut thumb piano for your reference, and when you are confident, try play along with me.



C C B C C B C D D F F E C D B G E C D G C F E E D D C B C G F C B C G F C B B C G C A# C B C G F C B C G F C B B C G C C B C B C G F C B C G F C B C  


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