Happy ending

This song was released in 2007 and written by Mika himself.
Chart history; the backing music was used by two young rappers that came on the show the X-factor. They made a song to the sad remixed instrumental about a friend who had passed away. This song has been used a lot in films and tv shows for its backing music.

Mia's song happy ending gives me goosebumps. It makes me feel sad and emotional because it has a lot of hurt. The chorus is very touching and special.
The official music video gets you instantly in tune with the song, and it keeps you wanting more; Mika creates such fun to watch music videos that everyone will watch every minute of it. The video starts with a piano playing itself, which is very clever and mind-blowing, to begin with. The drawings on the wall become animated and alive, moving around. He is pulled out of bed by a balloon raising him up to the highest point. The chorus is sung by the teddies in his room. Below you will find the notes to play the song on the kalimba. 

Number notes 

(1°-1) 5 1° 2° 4° 2° 1° 2°

(1°-2) 5 1° 2° 4° 2° 1°

(1°-4) 5 1° 2° 4° 2° 1° 2°

(1°-6) 5 1° 2° 4° 2° 1°

(1-5) 1° 2° 4° 2° 1° 2°

(2-5) 1° 2° 4° 2° 1°

(4-6) 5 1° 2° 4° 2° 2° 1°

(1-6) 5 1° 2° 4° 2° 1° 

Letter notes

(C°-C) G C° D° F° D° C° D°

(C°-D) G C° D° F° D° C°

(C°-F) G C° D° F° D° C° D°

(C°-A) G C° D° F° D° C°

(C-G) C° D° F° D° C° D°

(D-G) C° D° F° D° C°

(F-A) G C° D° F° D° D° C°

(C-A) G C° D° F° D° C°

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