Nox Corvum – Handmade Wire Jewellery

The company name is Latin and translates to night ravens. They are located just outside of Buffalo, New York, USA. They have been creating handmade wire Jewellery for about six years. The pieces are made from copper and sterling silver. Along with some semi-precious and precious stones.

My work for me is similar to meditation as I find it very therapeutic and soothing. In fact, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

I would say my inspirations reside with nature, however, I have always been drawn to Victorian and Renaissance styles. I love antiques and so my jewellery is an effort to combine all of those things together which usually wouldn’t typically mesh well, but they really do!

handmade wire jewellery by Nox Corvum

I like to think of them as instant heirlooms since even though they are brand-new, they appear to have a whole lot of history attached to them.

Generally, my process begins with choosing the stone or cabochon. I will consider accent stones if necessary and from there I start to envision the finished piece and the style that I wanted to have sometimes that can be a mood was feeling as well.

Then I begin to create. I don’t draw a plan out any designs ahead time my preference is simply to let the piece flow naturally and come together in an organic way as if the wire has grown around stone rather than pushing the stone into a setting.

Head over to the Nox Corvum website to see the full collection of unique jewellery. There you will be able to browse our shop section, find out more about us and what our customers think. Contact us or sign up to our newsletter which will give you the chance to win our free pendant giveaway! We guarantee that you will find something of interest!

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