Obbattu Puran Poli recipe

This recipe is made with love and has a deliciously sweet flavour. It is like a sweet flatbread that is stuffed with a mixture of sugar and lentils. Obattu is a recipe known for its sweet taste, crunchy texture, and aroma while cooking. 

The dish is famous in the city of Anantpur (Ananthapuramu.) The dish is made with Chana lentils, plain wheat flour, clarified butter (ghee), turmeric and sugar. Puran Poli originated from Maharashtra and south India. Puran Poli is a dish that is prepared at festivals, but everyone enjoys eating it. This flatbread dish has various names, including Bobbattu or baksham or oliga in Telugu, Andhra Pradesh, the Holige or Obbattu in Kannada, Puran Puri or Vedmi in Gujarati, Puran Poli in Marathi, Payasabolli or Bolli in Malayalam, poli or uppittu in Tamil, Bhakshalu, pole or polae in Telugu, Telangana and ubbatti or poli in Konkani. 

It is a dish that is usually served with paal payasam in meals and feasts in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Obbattu is said to have originated in Maharastra; however, other online sources suggest that it originated in Andhra Pradesh. Puran Poli, also known as puranachi poli, gud Polin, punn poli or holgi, holige or bele. Obbattu is a traditional delicacy popular in Maharastra Karnataka, Gujarat & Goa. Puran poli is a dish that has a shelf life of 2-3 days as it is made fresh by hand.

Ingredients for dough

  • Maida flour (1 cup)
  • Turmeric (1/4 tsp)
  • Salt (pinch)
  • Water
  • Oil (2 tbsp)

Ingredients for stuffing

  • Toor Dal (1 cup)
  • Jaggery (1 cup)
  • Poppy seeds (2 tsp)
  • Desiccated coconut (2 tbsp)


  1. Start by adding the maida flour, turmeric and salt into a bowl, then give it a good mix. Add a little water to combine it into a dough and then add the oil. Mix by hand until it is a loose dough then rest for about 1 hour.
  2. Whilst that is resting, start preparing the stuffing by taking the toor dal in a separate bowl, rinse it a few times then add it to a saucepan and cook it with 3 cups of clean water and place a lid on top. 
  3. Meanwhile place the jaggery in a separate pan and add 3 tbsp of water and cook until it becomes the same consistency as syrup. When the Toor dal is cooked and not much water remains slowly add in the jaggery syrup. Then add in the poppy seeds and coconut mixing to combine. Cook for a further 3 minutes. 
  4. Grind the dal mixture whilst it is hot until it has become a fine paste, then make the mixture into dumpling balls. Stretch out a piece of the loose dough on a piece of oiled baking paper to make it flat, place the dumpling on top, carefully wrap the dough around the dumpling then gently flatten it whilst keeping the filling inside.
  5. This step will need to be repeated until all are made. To cook add a small drizzle of oil to a tawa frying pan, heat it on a medium flame and then add the obbatu to it. Cook both sides and when slightly browned remove it and serve. 

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