cotton coin purse pouch

Why do we love them? 

Simply because they come in assorted colour designs, they are handmade, fairtrade, made from 100% cotton fabric, multipurpose, affordable, soft, and come from either india or vietnam. When we say they come in assorted colour designs, they really do! Below is just a sample of what you could expect, each one is truly unique.


The two main pouch types: 

1. 100% cotton Drawstring pouches

These are from vietnam, and vary a lot in colour, they are only £2.99 each!

cotton pouches

2. Sari string pouches 

They are made of only recycled sari fabric and cotton, from the region of Nepal, India, these vary a lot in design, they are only £3.99 each! 

sari string pouches

We told you that they are multipurpose, but what can they be used for?

They make fantastic gift bags for small jewellery helping to make the present more special, extremely useful on a night out as a coin purse or as amake-up bag being the perfect size to hold little bits and piece such as lipstick, foundation, balms etc.

Can also be used for storing craft items to help you with organisation, or even as packaging for your product to avoid it getting scratched and keeping it looking great at the same time, if you wanted to you could even use them for batteries, every household has one of those kitchen drawers that is completely full of things that dont belong there, why not get organised today! The pouches are approximately 10cm or 4" inches squared in size, and are shipped to you from the UK! with these products we have a 100% customer satisfactory rate, and if you are after a certain colour or design we will always try our best to ensure you are happy with your purchase! 

 customer reviews

image design cotton pouch 

If you would like to know anything else or have wholesale enquiries dont hesitate to contact us!

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