Our Top 5 Most Unusual Musical Instruments

Here we will showcase our top 5 most unusual musical instruments, whilst all of our products are unique, these ones that I have selected are definitely are by far the most different.

1. Gobijeu

Gobijeu stringed instrument

An extremely unique musical instrument from India, and is similar to the guitar, featuring 1 string that can be adjusted whilst playing to create something out of this world. We have assorted colours in a handpainted dot design.

2. Tibetan Tingcha Bells

Tibetan tingcha prayer bells

These tin-cha prayer bells are suited to calming meditation practices and work wonders in leading a yoga class. They come with a soft cotton pouch

3. Vietnamese lotus clacker 

Vietnamese lotus clacker

This extraordinary lotus clacker features a handle and three parts that have been carefully crafted, carved and hollowed. When hit by a stick the sound is unusual, the instrument as a whole is strong, a truly remarkable sound from Vietnam.

4. Indian bulb horn

Indian retro horn

This retro Indian brass bulb horn is somewhat a classic, it has a vintage look and when squeezed sounds like one of those horns that come from a clowns car, or nose. It may feature a unique look in your music video or perhaps the sound will take you to the circus.

5. Rindik Bunga xylophone

Rindik bunga 7 note xylophone

You're probably thinking I have heard of a xylophone, what is special about this one? Well, this one features stunning hand-painted flowers on top, and underneath it has resonance chambers made from naturally carved gourds.

I hope you liked our top 5 most unique-music instruments, comment your favourite and why! 

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