Top 7 - Best Selling Products

Our best selling shaker is made in the remote Peruvian Amazon by the Shipibo tribe, it is decorated depicting their animals, plants and native art with an elegant feather on top!


2. Circle of Friends Candle Holder

Elegant little abstract cast in resin, reminiscent of Kenyan soapstone carvings. This sculpture has a central base perfect to hold T-lights surrounded by abstract human forms with interlocking knotted arms. These deep black figures are very ornamental and popular.

3. Owl Bookends

Our best selling bookends, these beautiful hand carved mango wood owls sit either side of your books, and look fantastic at the same time. They do look rather cute though, especially for birds of prey!

4. Rainstick (25cm)

Our most popular rainstick comes from the Atacama in Chile. All of our cactus is wood collected by mule from hills high inland. Then they are cleaned and hollowed. Cactus needles are used for spiking into the interior, which is filled with pebbles before sealing. The sound of rain from the desert. Finished with a colourful cotton band.

5. Peruvian Monkey Drum

Our best selling and cheapest monkey drum! Small Peruvian Monkey drum (Damassas) These are so easy to play a monkey could do it! Made in a small family run workshop in the mountains of Peru. Great sound from such a small instrument! Assorted colour woven bands. 6cm Diameter.

6. Tagua seeds

250g of assorted size, and colour tagua nut seed pieces, presented in a cotton drawstring bag. Perfect for making your own jewellery, learning to count etc. Tagua seeds are also known as vegetable ivory. Larger quantities are available, please contact directly!

7. Drawstring Pouches

Handmade in Vietnam, a nice drawstring pouch. They measure about 10cm 'square' and have a double drawstring fastening with tabs to the top. Good for keeping little bits and pieces safe. They make good jewellery bags, change purses, makeup pouches, and packaging for little gifts.

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