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Lego has been around for many many years and they have really upped their game and have kept up with trends and what people want. They have not disappointed and are still rated great for Christmas and birthday presents. 

1. Lego city airport passenger aeroplane

Lego city airport passenger aeroplane

Let your children’s imagination run wild and take their lego characters on holiday or just to the airport for a little adventure. Recreate a holiday or flight they have had and help them to open up their minds of travelling the world. They will have fun building the aircraft and then role playing with it alone or as a pair with another friend. With 669 pieces this set will keep your little one busy for hours.

2. Lego dots

lego dots 

With lego dots your child can create a lego piece that can be used in everyday life, not just a toy it can be helpful too. With endless possibilities of what they can make it is sure to keep them from getting board and will use brain energy helping with irritability. They can make things such a pencil pots, letter holders, secret boxes to hold jewellery, picture frames, homemade jewellery lots of ideas and lots of fun.

3. Lego friends

Lego friends

There are tons of lego friends sets such as nature glamping, beach hotel, classroom teacher playset, friendship bus, city hospital and many more. You can collect the sets each year so your child can have new things to build and play with each year.

Each set comes with figures and animal figures or other creative imaginative toys such as a fountain, bikes, trees etc. To make their creations come to life. Most of the sets are for 6 or 7+ years as it can be a little tricky with all of the pieces and a choking hazard.

4. Minecraft jungle treehouse

minecraft treehouse set

Minecraft has become popular over the years. The game is usually played on a computer and is based around a mined world in which the players can collect, deploy and use the materials they mine to craft objects resulting in building in game houses. Lego has created this jungle treehouse so that kids can play without the need of sitting on the computer for hours.

5. Spiderman bridge

Spiderman bridge

Let your child recreate their favourite superhero film by following the instructions step by step to make the incredible spider-man bridge scene, they can use awesome figures proved to reenact everything that happened and they can even add their very own twist and make it super intense.

6. Lego duplo

Lego duplo

Lego duplo is a great gift for little ones just starting to learn how things connect together, they are larger than normal lego pieces and safer for smaller hands as they are a good size they are easier to grab and put together. Lego duplo offers simple play sets that even your 1+ year old can figure out. Great for learning numbers, animals and colours. They also create some more advanced for older children that still need larger pieces to help them put together.

7. Star Wars

Star Wars

With the Star Wars lego creations set children can create and make all the different characters and objects that are in Star Wars making this a perfect gift to get each year upgrading to the next creation. Most of the Star Wars lego creation are on the larger side and will need lots of time put into making them this is why we recommend one at a time.

8. Lego technic

 Lego technic

Lego technic a great choice for older kids and teenagers that are wanting a bit more of a challenge most of the sets are to make a car or some other type of vehicle to race with their friends and they have working motors and gears which is another amazing aspect of this lego creation.

9. Classic lego box

Lego classic

Do you have an energetic niece, nephew, granddaughter, grandson or child? Picking the perfect gift for children can be hard. Knowing that most of the time they already have most of the toys in the shops. Every child loves Lego. All children can spend hours and hours on end building different towers, houses, cars and villages with this amazing lego blocks.

Even I as an adult still love to sit with my children playing lego. We love to build it up until there’s too many that it knocks it down! This box contains up to 35 different brick colours, contains 18 tyres and 18 rims. On the box and inside contains the idea of what your children (or you) could sit and make, for hours of fun.

Having a box to put lego back in is essential as the small pieces can quickly keep the room messy. I would recommend this product and am even thinking of getting an upgrade on our own lego just like this one for my sons birthday. I have a 3 and 4-year-old and they both love to play, especially when i'm busy doing cooking or cleaning it's a good activity to keep them occupied as I get on with things that need doing. The wheels enable children to create and construct their very own cool car.

Lego encourages teamwork and communication to play together, can develop organisation skills with the colours and shapes. Improves patience to build and involves teamwork. Lego will improve concentration and focus to get the pieces to fit together whilst developing great fine motor skills in early childhood.

10. Lego speed champions car

lego creations car

Every child wants a new hobby, why this car lego creations toy will keep them busy for hours and hours a day and the finish piece is exquisite. Its a great set for car fanatics and people who love a challenge, they contain small pieces so not suitable for children under 7.  

11. Lego creator mighty dinosaur

lego creations dinosaur


This lego creator mighty dinosaur is great fun for children aged 3 years plus. This is a great afternoon activity for parent and child to bond over being creative. Children love dinosaurs and they love lego which is why they will love this 3 in 1 set.

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