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I’m Amanda Darling, the founder of ‘Prickly Pear Creative’. 

I do various things all based on plants and Nature such as cacti and succulent arrangements, that are mainly in unusual, quirky one-off vessel containers sourced at Antique fairs and flea markets. 

I do small Acrylic abstract landscape paintings and one of my most popular items are my Log slices and wooden plaques that I do nature-based pin art on. 

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Art is my passion so it has been my therapy and I am determined to make a living out of it and not get dragged back into the corporate world.

All of my work is inspired by nature and my love of being outdoors. I get out and about as often as I can whether it be up to the Northumberland coast or countryside and I always carry my camera to capture my surroundings. 

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What I love about our coastline and surrounding areas is no matter how many times you visit somewhere you can always capture something new and something different. This is where I take the inspiration for my paintings from, I love to work with texture and mainly do landscape-inspired abstract work.

My other love is Gardening and if I'm at a loose end, a Nursery or Garden center is where you will always find me; either that or the local charity shop scouring for something to plant. 

My particular passion is for succulents and shopping for Antiques and vintage items are where i got the idea to combine both to breath new life into something old whilst bringing nature into the home.

My favorite thing I enjoy doing the most asides my work is going on a road trip. Whether it be planned, unplanned for a day or more; there really is nothing better than jumping in the car, packing a few goodies for the journey, a picnic blanket, a good playlist, good company and of course my camera. 

I tend to head north, as a rule, there's so much to see and explore in and around Northumberland, however, if I have the luxury of more than a day trip then it will always be the Scottish borders and the West coast of Scotland. Such a stunning coastline with many places still on my list to explore.

I come from a very creative family so I've been drawing and crafting since I was a young child, something I used to do with my mother as she was very much into arts and Crafts back then. 

I knew I wanted a creative career at an early age with a dream to be a window dresser. 

A dream I achieved at the age of 18 after Art college which then led to many different Roles within the Design industry, mainly Retail. I've always continued to draw and paint in my spare time with the big dream being a career focusing solely on my work.

Last year my circumstances changed and I was able to focus more on this which has led me to where I am today. I love what I do and I love sharing what I do with others, with the introduction of workshops hopefully later this year I will finally be living the dream.

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