Rain rain go away kalimba tab

"Rain Rain Go Away" is a song that was written in 1533 and dates back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Despite the time it was written, it wasn't commercially released until 1962 by Bobby Vinton. The song tells the story that is set at the carnival in which the weather is sunny at the beginning and towards the end the rain comes.

Since its first release it has been released as a childrens nursery rhyme in 2014. The rain for some people is associated with negativity but hopefully this super easy kalimba tab will cheer you up! 


G       E   G  G   E    G      G   E   A    G   G   E

Rain rain go a-way come a-gain a-noth-er day

F    F   D     D     F      F  D      G  F  E D  E C  C

Lit-tle child-ren want to play. Rain rain go a way.


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