Raita yoghurt chutney

The term raita means yoghurt chutney, and it is perfect when serving with something on the spicy side. Yoghurt is cooling, and every time your mouth is burning up, you can go back to that soothing yoghurt. Our favourite variation is cucumber raita which we have on the side of jerk chicken, fajitas, curry and more.

There are many variations of yoghurt chutney, and I list them at the bottom of this article. For now, see the recipe for the basic chutney, and feel free to adjust it to your taste.


  • Natural yoghurt (1 cup)
  • Salt 
  • Pepper 
  • Freshly chopped coriander
  • Nutmeg (pinch)


If your yoghurt is watery, start by draining off the excess liquid. To make the yoghurt chutney, simply combine all ingredients but garnish with the nutmeg and coriander. Now let’s explore the other raita yoghurt combinations.

Mixed raita 

Add finely chopped cucumber, a small onion, a tomato, and a teaspoon of chopped fresh ginger, then garnish with coriander. 

Date and raisin raita 

Finely chop a handful of dates and a tablespoon of raisins, then add to plain natural yoghurt.

Cucumber raita  

Peel and finely chop a 5cm piece of cucumber and add it to the natural yoghurt if you want to make it extra cool add some fresh mint. 

Mint raita 

Add about 1 tsp of fresh chopped mint to the natural yoghurt. Simple but fresh. 

Garlic raita

Using the same ingredients as the plain raita, adding one finely chopped or crushed raw garlic clove.

Potato raita 

This is the Indian equivalent of a potato salad but without the mayonnaise and heaviness. Make the plain raita but add a peeled cubed cooled boiled potato to the plain raita. 


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