Should you eat crisps daily

As a child, I don’t remember eating crisps all that often. However, in my high school years, I would regularly consume 3 packets per day that were small and sharing packs (that I never did share.) This is a lot of crisps that I was eating in one day. Making up enough servings for 8. I couldn’t imagine what damage this would have done to my body, but I wasn’t the only one doing it. Most of my friends would also eat a ton of crisps. The truth is, that crisps are so tasty, and are loved by most children.

They come in all shapes, colours and flavours. It is important to know that not all crisps are created equally. For example, potato chips and tortilla corn crisps are usually highest in fat which makes for a very unhealthy snack. Not to mention some possible preservatives, and artificial flavourings that they may or may not have used.

The good news is that there are some healthier crisps now compared to what used to be available on the market. With alternatives such as lentil crisps, oven-baked, air-popped variations. These make for a fine snack for a little one that contains fewer fats, saturated fats, salt, sugar, preservatives and calories. You could give your child crisps with their lunch but I don’t think that you should give them to them with their packed lunch every day.

What are some healthier alternatives to crisps?

healthy rice cakes

Too much of one thing is bad and there are so many healthier alternatives to potato crisps altogether. Healthier alternatives include no salt rice cakes, wholemeal crackers, crunchy carrot batons. The great thing about these options instead is that they actually contribute to better health, which is important for your growing child. If your child doesn’t want to make the swap then you will need to encourage healthy eating.

Back in 2006 the BHF (British heart foundation) stated that eating one packet of potato crisps per day (which is extremely common for school children.) Was the equivalent of drinking up to 5 litres of cooking oil per year.

Even with the reductions of fat and salt that we have now in today’s society. The amounts are still high enough, that it is safe to say that potato crisps should be kept as a ‘one-off snack in moderation’ and not to be used as part of a staple diet. Potato crisps and corn puffs are indeed the worst of their kind, but luckily there are now some healthier options on the market that are made from the likes of vegetables, quinoa, lentils, and chickpeas. What makes them healthier is the fact that they contain 40% less fat than potato crisps.  They are still super delicious, and are a much better healthy choice.

Eat Real healthy crisps

Tomato and basil lentil chips (eat real)

  • Certified gluten free and vegan
  • Hummus, lentil and quinoa varieties contain 40% less fat than a potato crisps
  • Free from any artificial ingredients
  • Suitable for kids packed lunch
  • Choice of flavours such as tomato & basil, lemon & chilli, sea salt, and more.

As an adult I eat these healthier crisps once or twice a week. They can be enjoyed as a treat and now when I eat them, I always share (or try to anyway.) 


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