Three hand painted carved acacia wood stools

As your child begins to grow and develop, they will slowly begin to use stools in their life. At first, your toddler will begin to use stools in order to take their first steps. It is common for many babies to lean to stools as a means of support, which also leads to the strengthening of their muscles in their back and legs.

In the long term, this allows them to begin walking around the home. After your toddler has started to walk, stools within your home take on a whole new role for your little one. They will begin to play a role in the games that your child plays, using them as a support to place toys on, as well as a place in which they can sit on themselves.

Uses for stools

Additionally, your stool can also be used as a platform for drawing pictures on, providing a small table for your child while they draw and expand their imagination. In addition to this, your child will begin to use the stools within your home as a platform for when they use the toilet.

This is an important period in time for any parent, as it one of the first steps to your child becoming independent and as a result, can be both stressful for you and your child.

Stools help throughout this process, as they provide a platform for your child to get to the toilet, which will help them grow in confidence. Over time, this will eventually lead to your child using the toilet by themselves- a great relief for you as a parent.

At Carved Culture, we provide a wide range of child-friendly stools, from sleeping fox designs to fairies and spotted giraffes, all of which your child will love the look of, check out our collection of stools!

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