The best nappies for your baby

Buying nappies can be a hard thing, especially when there is so much to choose from. There are, reusable washable nappies, pampers, huggies, mamia, swimming nappies, Sainsbury’s little ones, Asda’s little stars, Tesco’s Fred and Flo and more.

Depending on your babies skin you might want to go for a known brand that does a sensitive option as it usually has no chemicals added, these in turn do cost slightly more but it’s worth it for your babies health.

1. Pampers premium protection

Pampers premium protection

These are classed and rated as the best nappies for beginners, they are made for delicate skin that new-borns tend to have. They are super soft and very absorbent, which means you wont have to worry about leaking through the night.

Newborns do tend to urinate and poop more so they need their nappies changed regularly. These nappies are equipped with a handy blue line sensor strip that lets you know when your baby has wet their nappy. They are great for new mums and dads as well because they are easy to put on, and remove without making a mess.

2. ALDI Mamia nappies

2. ALDI Mamia nappies

These were my personal favourite nappies, I never had any problems with them and actually found pampers leaked more than others but it is all down to preference and is specific to your baby. Firstly, the price of these nappies are unbeatable, so you cannot go wrong with stocking up on these.

They also have a wetness indicator like pampers, they’re super soft and absorbent to help baby sleep for longer without the discomfort of the wetness feeling. As well as their cheap nappy range, they also do great prices on bulk orders of baby wipes and nappy sacks and even baby milk.

3. Amazons Mama Bear

Amazons Mama Bear

These newborn nappies are a great price and can be brought conveniently online. Aldi was my all time favourite for size, fit, cost and no leakage. They contain a soft inner fitted line in the nappy to make it soft and comfortable for when your little one is sleeping. On another note Sainsbury’s little ones are also good value for money and I cannot fault them.

4. Pampers pure nappies (size 1)

4. Pampers pure nappies (size 1)

These pure pampers nappies are ideal and perfectly fit babies sizes 2-5kg, they are made premium cotton soft plant-based fibres and other materials perfectly selected to keep your babies bottom comfortable and secure. Pampers pure uses no chemicals to make these particular nappies such as bleaches, perfumes and natural rubber latex.

These nappies can keep your baby dry at night for up to 12 hours which means happy baby happy mum! pampers makes sure their nappies are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to avoid irritation after long hours of use. They come with cute little animal prints. And a reassuring wetness indicator to let you know when your baby has had a wee or poo.

In the first few months, you will need to change baby normally after every feed. Which can be every 3 hours. in other words around 10 times a day. You will be able to tell if your baby has wet their nappy by feeling for the lumps of the absorbent material. if you chose the wrong type of nappy such as too tight or too loose this can affect the use and will cause the baby to be uncomfortable and can lead to leaking in the night/day which can be awful when you least expect it.

Avoid storing the nappies near any perfumes as they are super absorbent and these pure nappies need to stay pure. keep them closed in a storage box not too moist. And not too hot or cold so it doesn’t shock baby when you put them on. To avoid any danger of suffocation and/or strangulation keep the nappies and all packaging material safely away from children and babies. As we all know they like to keep us on our toes.

5. Pampers Nappies (Size 2)

 5. Pampers Nappies (Size 2)

These pure pampers nappies are ideal and perfectly fit babies sizes 4-8kg, they are made premium cotton soft plant-based fibres and other materials perfectly selected to keep your babies bottom comfortable and secure.

6. Bambino mio swimming nappy

 Bambino mio swimming nappy 

Taking your baby swimming can be the most enjoyable thing for you both to experience, as long as there are no slip ups such as the nappy leaking and not holding any fluids. with this nappy it has a concealed water resistant layer and leak proof legs so that if your little one does decide to have a poo without any notice the nappy should catch it and avoid contamination to the water. As this nappy is made from a soft cotton Terry lining it means it won’t be irritating for your baby’s skin. The nappy is lightweight material so they won’t be weighed down like other leading swimming disposable nappies. Perfectly suitable to be cleaned in the washing machine and if you want them dryer quick they are also safe in the tumble dryer.

These are available in many sizes and colours to your choice, all of them have funky patterns, characters and shapes to make swimming even more fun. You can have your little one wear just this in the swimming pool or it sits nicely under a bathing suit. Buying a washable swimming nappy means it is much more eco friendly as they won’t end up in land fill, it is better for the bank because it is a one time purchase and you can use it again and again. Reviewers have said how easy it is to clean them and that they would definitely recommend them to parents. If you are going on holiday for a week we would recommend buying two just as a back up if the other one needs washing and drying you can still have the other one as a spare.

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