activated charcoal toothpaste

I drink a lot of tea and as a result my teeth are stained from the tannins. In the past year I have tried several toothpastes and various brand to try and remove the stains. I tried: Oral B - 3D white, this one contains lots of chemicals and it claims to remove 80% stains, as well as strengthen and protect. I used it everyday for 1 week, cut out tea, and saw absolutely no results. 

I tried Sensodyne gentle whitening which contains ‘sodium hydroxide’ which is a whitening agent, the taste in my opinion is not very pleasant, it has a toxic taste. More importantly after my one week experiment I found that my teeth again looked no different.


I set out to do a video on activated charcoal toothpaste as I had heard good things about it, as I was doing my research I found that it is not approved by the American Dental association and that dentists do not recommend it.

The reason being is that charcoal is an abrasive that supposedly can whiten your teeth, but doing so it causes enamel erosion which will make your teeth more yellow in the long term and can even cause some damage.

This is not something that I want to do to my teeth or something that I would like to promote as a healthy product.  

Even though I have tried many products from the leading brands, from my findings the best toothpaste on the market is still the natural organic spearmint toothpaste by Green People and I will continue to use this every day as it cleans my teeth well, has a nice taste, and does not expose me to harmful chemicals.

Is there a certain product that works well for you? Let me know what it is in the comments!

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