music instruments that don't break the bank

These rain-sticks are adorable! Children of all ages can play with them, their pretty indestructible. They make a lovely calming sound that relaxes your child, it doesn’t break the bank either! Rain-sticks are used commonly for children with disabilities as a great sensory toy for stimulating all of their senses.

2. Small Djembe Drum

Children love these! Especially my 2 and 3-year-old, they’re a cute size, hand painted and also a good price to start off their musical collection. Djembe drums boost brain power, they keep your child entertained for hours learning to play different beats, monkey see monkey do is a great game to play with these because an adult can show them a beat and they have to copy and so on.

They can be great for a child that struggles with stressors at school/home because they can put all of their negative energy into the drum instead of a door or wall.

3. Peruvian Tarka Flute

Flutes are fun, when it comes to kids, they may drive you insane blowing it at every chance they get, but they’re very entertaining and let your little ones blow ‘no pun intended’ off some steam!

They are beneficial to strengthen their breathing, relieve any stressors, improve hand-eye coordination because of having to hold the holes to get different sounds and finally they are a fun toy to have in the box of toys!

4. Noisy elephant flute

These quirky little elephants are great for all ages, no small parts so no hazards! They make a funny and entertaining sound and will keep your children happy. Handmade from wood so each one will vary but that makes it unique to each child will get a different one!

 5. South American Monkey Drum

Saving the best for last, I love this little instrument, it's easy to carry, great for all the family and makes a pretty good sound too! Getting your child to learn to play this can really improve their fine and gross motor skills, also their hand-eye coordination. This will keep them entertained for a long time!


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