traditional indian chapati plain roti

These are the perfect accompaniment to any type of Indian dish, and whilst they use simple ingredients to make them. They can take a little while to make especially if you want them to be delicious. Most of the hard work comes from the processing of the dough by hand until it is a smooth consistency which is very important for the texture.

To get the recipe to be as authentic as possible, the chapatis in India are usually cooked over an open fire, without any oil and are cooked in a clay pan or tandoori style oven.

Many people make them with plain all-purpose flour, however, this is not an authentic way to make chapattis and will result in more of a chewy flatbread. These Chapatis are the best when just cooked with some melted butter on top and used to scoop up some of that curry sauce!


  • Wholemeal Flour (2 Cups plus extra for dusting)

  • Water (1 Cup)

  • Salt (1/2 tsp)


  • Start by putting your wholemeal flour into a large mixing bowl or chapatti tray
  • Add the salt, mix it well and then add your water.
  • Mix the mixture with your hands for a while until the dough is smooth.
  • When it is smooth, simply grab a handful of the dough and start processing it further. Making sure that it is smooth all around and forms somewhat of a pancake.
  • It can then be rolled out using a chapati rolling pin to make the chapati very thin.
  • Once it is thin enough, you can then place it in a pan to cook, turning often to avoid it burning. It should take around 1 minute 30 on each side depending on your temperature.
  • When the chapatis are cooked, pour some melted butter onto one and then use it as a mop to cover the rest.
Indian Chapati Rolling Pins

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