Travel system vs stroller and car seat

A travel system is an all in one buggy pram, car seat, foot muff, and Moses basket. It is the most convenient way to get everything you need for baby all in one go without the need to individually research products and purchase. Another benefit to purchasing a travel system is that all of the parts usually fit together giving you a ton of features and customisations. A travel system is a good gift for ‘parents to be’ as it can take some of the stress out of preparing for a baby.

Buying an all in one travel system seems like a good solution if you are planning on buying all of those anyway, however in terms of cost, which is the better option. Let’s look at the facts.

Hauck travel system

 Hauck travel system

As we look online, it’s clear that a budget travel system by Hauck costs around £150, and comes with everything needed for baby. For the sake of this experiment, let’s find all of the accessories individually to compare the price.

Hauck 2 in 1 carrycot & footmuff

2 in 1 carry cot with foot muff

The two in one carrycot and footmuff come together at the cost of £50 and quickly we are at a third of the cost of a travel system. Another option is to buy a seperate footmuff but this will mean missing out on the carrycot which can be very useful. The footmuff separately costs about £17.

Universal Footmuff

Universal Footmuff

Keep baby warm with the cosy toes, this one is universal and comes in a wide variety of colours. This product can attach to your buggy stroller and is designed to keep your newborn baby warm. It is softly padded which will provide comfort to your newborn and is the perfect accessory for winter, its size is as follows height 90, width 40, depth 10cm. It is wind and water resistant. 

Breathable blanket

 breathable baby blanket

A blanket will keep your little one feeling safe and secure. They are good for swaddling, and you will go through quite a few as they will most likely be sick on them. The blanket you choose is up to you, however you should make sure that it is 100% breathable. This is because if a newborn puts a blanket over their head they could overheat and struggle to breathe. Safety is the number one priority, get any breathable blanket.

Newborn car seat

car seat

A car seat suitable for a newborn with similar safety features as the one above will cost you £70 if purchased separately.

Pushchair stroller

Pushchair stroller

A pushchair that is evenly matched in features to the one in the travel system above will cost £110 and as all of the bits come together, instantly we realise that the travel system costs £150 in total, and buying everything individually costs £230.

Of course, you have the option of buying everything separately and going for cheaper versions, although the cheaper you go, the chances of you needing to purchase again increases. When we raised our two little ones, we had a cheap £40 buggy that only lasted a small amount of time, but we also had very expensive ones that didn’t last. We found that the best buggies cost around the £100 mark.

To conclude our results, we highly recommend going for the all in one travel system as it is convenient, works out cheaper in long term and functions better. With that in mind it is not a complete solution as there will likely be other things that you will need and also other options that may work better for you depending on your situation. We will include some more options below.

Stroller accessory pack

Stroller accessory pack

With these buggy accessories, you can make sure that you have everything in one place without having to run around like a headless chicken. Instead, you can keep all of your pram essentials with you at all times. This pack of accessories includes a phone holder so that you don’t have to rummage around your bag to find it, a cup holder to ensure your morning beverage is always with you and a hook for your bags. This particular accessory is best for prams as your pram can carry the weight of heavier objects. Each accessory is fantastic for all weather types, and can be installed with ease. Once installed, you can enjoy each without having to worry about where you put your items. 

As your little one grows up and no longer needs their buggy, you can move the accessories to other items such as bikes. This will allow you to once again keep all of your essentials in one place, without worrying about them falling out or getting lost during your commute. This must buy pack is an absolute bargain and will soon become an essential part of your day to day routine. Buy it now and organise your belongings in one simple place.


Universal pushchair raincover

Universal pushchair raincover 

There’s no worse feeling than leaving your home on a nice sunny day, only to find 20 minutes later that there are rain clouds in the sky (a common occurrence in the UK!). With this Universal Pushchair Rain Cover, you can make sure that your little one is always prepared for the rain (even if you’re not!). This cover is compatible with all buggy and pram types and can be stored with ease in a pouch or bag. It’s ideal for strollers without hoods and can be attached with ease before the rain arrives. It is also compatible with double prams and carry cots, ensuring you’re always prepared for the worst.
The materials used to make the Universal Pushchair Rain Cover are of the highest quality and also make use of a zipper so you can comfort your little one when required. They are ranked as one of the most popular double pushchair options, having received astounding reviews from individuals who have made a purchase. Order yours today and make sure that you’re always prepared for when the weather turns sour.Jogger lightweight double stroller

 Jogger lightweight double stroller

If you have two children who are not yet able to walk, then you need a method to get them both from A to B (unless you can find a babysitter!). Rather than having to push two single buggies, which would be almost impossible, you can carry your little ones around in this double jogger. Perfect for twins, this double jogger is suitable from birth and up to 22kg’s. When using it for newborns, you can also add car seats for added comfort and stability. It’s available in grey or black and comes with an adjustable backrest that’s easy to fold. 

With this double jogger, you’ll always be ready for adventures for two. Whether you want to go on long walks in the park, visits to the shop, or simply to visit family, your two babies can travel together in one stroller. The wheels themselves have suspension and a foot brake for easy movement and a rain cover is available for when the weather isn’t on your side. If you’re an active individual, you can even use your double jogger for running. This way you can combine exercise with outside time for your little ones.

Hauck travel system

 Hauck travel system

This 3 in 1 Hauck baby buggy is essential if you’re looking for all in one travel system. It comes with a large spacious comfortable carrycot for a newborn to happily sleep in during the day or when out for a walk. This infant carrier can be used up to 25kg making it suitable for older children too. For older children, it can be turned into a stroller style. With an adjustable comfortable backrest and footrest,  for fully sitting to laying down. It contains a large shopping basket for when your out and about in the shops to hold larger amounts. This buggy is very lightweight at only 10kg and easy to fold down for manoeuvring into a car etc.

Having its larger back wheels and swivel front wheel makes it much easier to move through local streets, towns and hard to get into places. Being a travel system it includes a three-point safety harness car seat. Making going out and about from car to buggy much easier and relaxing.

As there is no set gender colour, it can be used for both boys and girls. Mums and dads can enjoy a stroll out and about doing shopping, going to families or just for an evening stroll, your baby will love feeling cozy and warm in the soft airy carrycot and older ones can enjoy sitting up being world facing or parent facing whilst holding onto the bumper handle. Having the buggy parent facing can offer you the reassurance that your baby is well and happy, makes it easier to bond with your baby by making them laugh when they are watching you. It also provides your baby with emotional comfort and support when they can see you constantly.

Pushchair jogger 3-wheeler

Pushchair jogger 3-wheeler

This pushchair is ideal for parents who want to introduce their little one to the outside world, ensuring they’re comfortable throughout their trip. Specially designed to be as strong and durable as possible, the pushchair is ideal for new parents who are consistently on the move. It is fitted with large wheels that make the pushchair easy to steer, whilst also being extremely lightweight so that you can get from A to B without feeling too exhausted. It also includes several unique accessories such as a large shopping basket to store your items, an adjustable backrest, footrest and straps to hold any additional items required. All of this can be completed whilst your infant rests up and relaxes under the cover.

Whether you’re going for a long walk in the park, going to get your weekly shopping or simply going for a walk, this pushchair jogger is a must have. It comes in grey or black and is the right dimensions to carry your child up to the age of 4 years old.

Newborn baby carrier

 Newborn baby carrier

Not quite a buggy or travel system but this grey newborn baby carrier is very useful when you first have your baby. It is lightweight, suitable from 5kg to 20kg. Depending on the length of your baby as they may be too small. Has 4 different facing positions. Front-facing can be worn on your back, face in wide seat and face in narrow seat. It has been safety checked, tested and is perfectly good for use every day.

Has a wide cover, a bib to catch those unexpected dribbles and sick ups. It also can be used as comfortable head support when facing inwards. There are padded comfortable shoulder pads to keep your shoulders from aching. And weight distribution in your back as well as arms to stop one part of the body from being strained too much.

When I had my firstborn daughter I lived up three flights of stairs in a flat. Getting out with a newborn is tough. Remembering everything such as nappies, wipes, bottles, breast pads, and milk (if not breastfeeding). Using a heavy buggy after having a baby just a week ago was not something I could have done. So I opted for using my baby carrier, it was easy to put on, very secure and safe for my baby girl and it made me feel more close to her.

Baby carriers are ideal especially for when you need to get out and about to do something like shopping or hopping on the bus to town. You don’t have to mess around with dragging a buggy around finding a place on the bus to put it. They help you bond with your baby more, some even allow you to breastfeed discreetly to avoid having to sit somewhere you can do this on the go. When using a carrier your baby will be more content with themselves as they are close to your heart so they feel as though they are still in the womb. Also, the grey colour is gender-neutral so it suitable for baby boys and baby girls.

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