trending baby names of 2020

Most popular girls’ names

1. Olivia

This may seem biased as my daughter’s name is Olivia, but it is honestly not. Olivia is a name of Latin origin that refers to the olive tree. The name itself was made popular by Shakespeare’s work but, also dates back to the 13th century. It’s a popular name worldwide but is said to be one of the most common girl’s names in the US.

In the UK Olivia was recently the number 1 top girls name and it is still in the top charts in Australia and Canada. We called our daughter Olivia, not because of the popularity of the name, but due to how often my partner craved olives whilst pregnant. The name itself can take on many nicknames such as Olive, Liv, Livy, etc. If you like those other terms, then you may like the name, Libby.

2. Sophia

A variant of the name Sophie, this Greek origin name became popular because of European royalty. A similar pronunciation of the name is Sofia, which is a very popular girls name in Italy. In Greek the name means wisdom, she is the goddess of wisdom and this could be why many celebrities including Sylvester Stallone chose this name for their daughter!

3. Lily

The name lily has a botanical origin, inspired by the lily flower which is very delicate. Just like beautiful flowers, the name symbolises beauty and purity. Lily is the most popular floral name for a girl in the UK but has also seen its popularity spread across Ireland and Scotland.

4. Ava

It could be a variant of Eve from the bible or it could be from Latin origin from the word Avi. Its history is unclear but one thing for sure, it is a popular name that is growing. It’s used worldwide with subtleties and is especially popular in Germany and Italy.

5. Mia

An Italian name that means the word my, it could be a variant of Maria or Mary but could also be an expression that an Italian made in shock because of how much he liked the name “mammamìa”.

6. Isla

A Scottish girls name that is a derivative from the name Islay which is an island near the west coast of Scotland.  The name itself is similar to a popular name ‘Eyela. Isla is also a Spanish word that means island, this two-syllable name has grown in popularity a lot in the past 10 years.

7. Amelia

In recent years we have seen many famous celebrities with this name, as well as a movie in 2009. Similar to Amy, Millie, Mia, Emily. Amelia is a really nice girls name and it has a valuable feel to it.

8. Freya

In Norse mythology, the name Freya is defined as lady mistress or noblewoman and is said to be the most beautiful goddess. Perhaps its popularity could be because of those Marvel comics!

9. Isabella

The name Isabella could be popular for various reasons, common nicknames are usually Izzy, or Bella which in Italian means beautiful. The word Bella has been used by thousands of businesses worldwide!

10. Emily

Related names are Emilia, Emilie, Em, Emma, and Emmy, it’s origin comes from Germany but has also been used by the Romans in the form of Aemilius which was used as a family name.

Most popular boy names

1. Muhammad

This name has been the most popular boys’ name for a long time due to its relationship to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It’s estimated that this is the name of over 150 million people worldwide.

2. Noah

The popularity of this famous name could come from Noah’s ark story from the bible. But with the likes of the affair featuring the attractive creative writer, this could have sparked a few connections for viewers.

3. George

The name George comes from Greek origin and were not talking about Asda’s clothing brand despite its cheapness and popularity. The meaning of George is from ‘Georgos’ meaning tiller of the soil or farmer. Many churches are named after St George which could have acclaimed the Christian community.

4. Oliver

Oliver has pretty much the same meaning as the name Olivia, relating to the olive tree and to Shakespeare’s work. The two names could work well together for a twin!

5. Charlie

A wonderful unisex name, I personally know a few Charlie’s. Similar distinct variations include Charles, Char, Charley. The name could have some of its popularity due to the popular film Charlie’s angels featuring Cameron Diaz and drew Barrymore. The name itself originated in England whereas its derivative Charles is more of a European name that could have come from Germany or France. It is also a common name for a pet dog or cat.

6. Harry

Harry must be popular due to a variety of reasons such as, prince harry and the famous wizard harry potter-the boy who lived played by Daniel Radcliffe. The name originates from Germany. It is a nickname for Harold, henry or Harriet. It’s not just those mentioned before, in fact, harry is a very common name that is used in film titles and for main actors, or perhaps it is Harry styles from the boy band one direction that has made the name rise to popularity.

7. Leo

The name Leo is derived from the fifth astrology sign that symbolises the lion which is known to as a great leader. The surprising-ness of this name’s high popularity comes from the fact that those born under the Leo’s sign are said to be self-centred and hold a dark selfish side. The name Leo could also be a shortened nickname variant for Leon or Leonardo. Perhaps the name could be popular due to the famous Leonardo DiCaprio. Nonetheless, who’s to say that astrology is correct, science has proven it wrong time and time again.

8. Arthur

Similar to harry, Arthur is used in many film titles and series, it comes from the Celtic origin. Its popularity comes from the hero-king Arthur common variants include art and arty, in Germanic language the name is spelt, Artur.

9. Jack

Jack seems like one of those extremely common names. In schools, there will likely be at least 2 or three jacks in each class. It is said to be a derivative of john, this is because the name evolved from john to Johnkin, to Jankin, to jack. At one point the name was so common that it became a term for a man. The kin term was used as a diminutive to slightly alter the word.

10. Freddie

It seems Freddy vs Jason has not scared viewers away as much as we thought. Freddie is short for Frederick, or in Germanic terms, it is spelt Friedrich or in Italian Fredo. Also similar to Alfred the names meaning stands for peace and power.

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