what is a pedicure

I have always enjoyed trying new things, in my mind something new is always a great experience. I have heard the phrase “I need a pedicure” many times in films, and I never really knew what it was. When I found out what a pedicure was. I was intrigued. At the same time out of all the parts of my body, my feet are by far my least favourite part of me.

Mainly due to suffering slightly from eczema on them, and most of the time they look dry, feel rough, the skin is cracked and the nails are long and uneven. A pedicure is something that I always had in my mind was for girls only, and now whilst I could imagine that it is favoured more by women than men. It is, in fact, a great thing to do. A pedicure can really make you feel good mainly because it is extremely relaxing. I went to Beauty Therapy Brighton to have this treatment, the beauty salon is located in Brighton, East Sussex.

A pedicure is a type of treatment that you can have in a beauty salon. Suitable for both men and women, the treatment is focussed on the feet, nails and sometimes the lower leg. Whilst each business has different packages that offer various types of treatments, the one that I visited lasted 90 minutes and went through this process.

The process of a pedicure

Upon arriving, I took a seat. Removed my shoes and socks and then my feet were sprayed with some type of alcohol which I assume is to reduce the chances of spreading infection. Afterwards, the sides and underneath of my feet were sanded down to remove excess dead skin. Then an exfoliating skin repair cream was massaged into them. This for me was a bit of a struggle because I do have ticklish feet. A cream is massaged in, and the foot is then placed into warm water to soak. This is whilst the other one had the same cream massaged into it.

After this, they were dried and then one by one was massaged again with a moisturizing cream. Afterwards being placed back into the warm water to soak. After this, the attention came to the nails. Mine was really bad before and after they trimmed them to the same length, shaped the cuticles, filed them to shape and removed loose parts of the nail and skin they looked overall much better.

At this point my feet were looking much better, they now felt so soft and the nails were looking even. I felt so much better about them, and the foot massage nearly made me fall asleep because it was so relaxing. To finish the pedicure, they applied clear nail polish and a topcoat. I was unsure whether to get this or not as nail polish is usually for women. Overall though, it did make my nails feel and look much better. The whole experience was really nice, and whilst it may not be something that I can do often I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Can men have a pedicure?

Yes, a lot of men get pedicures. It is definitely more common for women to get this treatment done. However, men are widely accepted in getting these beauty treatments done as well. I would say that even for a man, it can help boost your confidence, especially if you dislike your feet, to begin with.

How much does a pedicure cost?

Obviously, this varies from beauty salon to a beauty salon. It’s also dependant upon the package that you choose as most places will have various tiers with other mini-options included. However, for a 60-minute pedicure with all of the above, it could cost you approximately £34


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