What to do at a baby shower?

When it comes to having a baby shower, it can be really nice to have someone else do the planning for it. So why not? At least that way you can relax. And you can be excited not knowing the activities that you are going to take part in. The everlasting most popular games I have seen at baby showers is, of course, the ‘guess the baby weight’ game.

Whoever gets the closest to the babies’ actual weight wins. Everybody’s guesses get written down and you can even make a prize for the winner! Another great game is where all the parents have a teddy each. They do a contest to see who can put the nappy on first whilst being blindfolded. It’s a simple game but is really fun to play! It truly tests the nanny’s who are a little out of practice.

Things I did at my baby shower

At my own baby shower, I had close friends and family as I don’t see the point in inviting strangers just because of receiving gifts. My brothers other half organised the whole thing as I found it too stressful thinking of invites, games, food, etc. By the time my baby shower was organised, I had been diagnosed with preeclampsia.

Which meant I already was given a date to be induced. So the ‘guess the birth date’ game was out of the question. We still played the ‘guess the baby weight’ game. I had around 15 people including men, I don’t agree with the no men rule! men go through pregnancy and birth with the woman so why don’t they get showered with love?

I loved my baby shower, it was simple yet effective, I got a few gifts for the baby such as nappies, lotions, oil, wipes (a multi-pack), dummies, bottles, and clothes. For me, I was given chocolate, cards and overall hugs and kisses with advice that was great for a first time mum to be. There was a large board with the words ‘advice for a mum to be’ with sticky notes stuck to it from everyone at the baby shower such as “good luck, remember to sleep when the baby does” and “Don’t forget to make time for yourself”.

These were lovely gestures and I decided to take this home with me that night to look back at in the future. We played the game of blindfolded nappy change that game was hilarious and great fun.

What is a baby shower?

Despite the meaning of the term ‘Baby shower’ to be showering the mother to be with gifts. It is just for fun. It is time to eat some finger foods, socialize together and play some games. There is no pressure to spend lots of money. So enjoy the moment and celebrate the soon to be birth of your baby with your friends and family!

Where did baby showers originate and what gifts can I get?

A baby shower is a celebration for a mother and father having their baby. The words ‘baby shower’ is a moderately new thing. Ancient Egyptians viewed pregnancy and childbirth as an important rite of passage. They were celebrated with female-centred rituals showering the mother with gifts and presents.

Gift ideas for mum

Hampers, including things for mum such as their favourite magazine, their favourite chocolate, health foods to keep her energy up. Many people go to baby showers with gifts that are only suitable for the baby. Mum’s gifts just seem to get forgotten. We should always consider who came first! Mamma did! So we should shower her with plenty of nice gifts too.

Toiletries, soaps, body wash, spray, to keep the mum to be happy and comfortable before and after birth. Some essential oils that are known to be calming for a mother in labor include; Roman chamomile, clary sage, frankincense, ginger, lemongrass, lavender, mandarin. Avoid getting high chemical-based perfumes and body washes, go for organic healthier options; it will be better for the mother and the environment.

Must-haves, every new and expecting mother will need particular items, and we expect she will have them already but with that baby brain in full swing they may forget quite a few things. Must-haves would include, nursing/feeding bra, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, breast pads, comfy knickers, period pads (thick ones!) nipple creams, feeding pillow (for at the hospital and home) hair ties, and new pyjamas always go down a treat! Who doesn’t like new pyjamas? Don’t forget to ask mum for a list of things that she needs, as this can take a lot of weight off her shoulders knowing that you will be getting something that she ideally needs.

Gifts for baby

Everyone tends to buy the same things, and the mother is left with tons and tons of newborn things that only last a month or two until the grow out of it and onto the next stage, think tactical and go for things that are essential for both when the baby is born and the next few months. Blankets are a great gift, you never know how many times a baby can puke, or have an exploding nappy so plenty of blankets are a great gift they can be washed and dried then used all over again.

Baby grows you cannot go wrong with, but don’t get all ‘newborn’ sizes as that’s what everyone else will be going for, a baby is not a newborn for long, think about getting sizes 2-6 months so that the mum has plenty to choose from. Think about what season the baby is due to be born into, if it’s a baby born in winter don’t bother getting summer clothes, as we all know our winters can last a heck of a long time. So go for warm clothing, hats, mittens, buggy footmuffs, etc.

Small soft toys that will help develop the baby are a great idea, teething gels, teething rings, nappies, baby wipes, cotton pads will all for sure come in handy and take the edge off of mum and dad.

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