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As some of you may know, I am passionate about music. Since 14 years old I have been making productions, writing lyrics, performing in the studio and even now I record new tracks for release on iTunes as singles.

I also help my partner who occasionally takes part in musical projects as a vocalist in a wide range of genres. From the beginning, I had to learn skills related to marketing, even though I was not selling a product, myself as an artist was the product that needed the attention. Without any attention, selling records would be impossible.

I managed to market myself quite well-reaching thousands of views on the likes of YouTube, the things I knew were very basic compared to what I know now about marketing. When I used to make music as a teenager in my room, I spoke to a lot of other passionate musicians online.

Time and time again, I saw a pattern, that they all struggled to be seen by people. Some were really talented but had no marketing skills and some had marketing skills but hadn’t quite perfected their craft yet. Nonetheless, when I was 17 years old, I created Real Raw Talent TV. It is exactly as the title suggests, showcasing real talent, in its raw form (i.e. no effects.) 

With this YouTube channel that I had made, If I am completely honest. I didn’t really know what I was doing, I thought it would be great to have all types of musicians create videos accrediting our channel, and then they would send the video to me.

I would then upload the videos, promising that I would work hard for free to promote the video to reach an audience of at least 1,000 views. I did this because I thought that it would help grow the channels name, and once people knew that this was all voluntary by me, that it would also grow my name as a musician and it could help me reach the mainstream success that I wanted. 

I saw this a win-win situation for all people involved, our main competitors were setting the bar too high to even get a video made. I realised that I could have got out their and filmed more musicians because let’s be honest the more videos online, the more traffic, the more traffic the more revenue through things like AdSense.

For the first few months I advertised that I would do this service and a small percentage of people were interested, within two years, we managed to get only nine people create videos for our channel and with each video getting between 1,000 & 5,000 views, this helped us generate 270 subscribers.

I contacted hundreds of musicians and none seemed interested and I have no idea why they would want to miss an opportunity of free promotion; all they would have to do is record a freestyle or music video that we would then promote.

Do you want to be featured?

If you are interested in free promotion for your video on this channel, drop me a personal email at - In the future we plan on expanding talent to other types of media as well such as with short films to provide hours of entertainment, if you have any ideas for a short film, we would love to hear from you.


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