Why smoking around children is irresponsible

Smoking around children is an awful thing to do. Not only are you affecting them from the second-hand smoke that goes into their little lungs. But you are also showing them that smoking is normal behaviour. The problem with them thinking this is because later on in life they will think that it is cool to smoke and that it will shorten their life.

Smoking and second-hand smoke cause your cells to die. Tobacco contains a cocktail of the poisonous chemicals that should not be inhaled into the human body. The evidence that smoking is bad for you and others around you is found directly on your cigarette packet. What surprises me is how for so long parents have been able to smoke in their cars with their children just sitting on the next seat. Only recently it has actually been banned.

How children feel when their parents smoke around them?

When I was young I remember my grandparents smoking with me in the car. Honestly, there is nothing more suffocating than the toxic second-hand smoke. I remember asking to open the window, and if that was not allowed because of the cold. Then I would have to hold my breath. It is proven that if a child’s parents smoke the child is more likely to do it. This is because children look up to their parents as their role models. They copy the same behaviour they see from them.

I followed my grandparents’ footsteps in my teens and started smoking. I quickly took a disliking to it due to my health interests but found it very hard to give up due to its addictive properties. When I had my own children I did not want them to end up doing it. Which is why when my partner found out she was pregnant we both gave it up. When you give up smoking, that is when you can start to smell how awful it is. Your first instinct is to take a disliking to it.

Ways to give up smoking

There are many ways that you can give up smoking, I quit going cold turkey that is without using anything else as a replacement. I tried the gum and it didn’t work, I tried the E-cigarettes, and it didn’t work. In fact, I found them quite addictive and it took me a while to stop using those.

I’ve heard many people using hypnotherapy which costs a lot of money and their stories are that they end up going back to smoking despite how good their sessions were. I think some of the methods for quitting by using an alternative is more of a delay tactic to avoid actually giving it up for good. I believe that whilst it may be possible to give up many ways, the only true way is to go cold turkey.

When our children are around other people that smoke. We avoid the children sitting with the person until they have finished. Second-hand smoke can be more harmful than smoking directly.

Sometimes people can find this offensive but we are just looking after our children. We do not allow smoking in our house, and we ask people to smoke outside if my children are at their house. We tell our children the bad effects of what smoking can cause and explain that is why we are trying to protect them.


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