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Alang Alang Hat

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From Bali, Indonesia, these simple summer hats are made from a natural grass found in Asia called Alang Alang, this hat is perfect for sunny days pottering around in the garden, it is eco-friendly, and so beautiful, what a great gift for all! A sun hat is an indispensable part of your holiday bag/suitcase, charming fusing style, and utility. perfect to take you from city/town strolls to walks by the beach, not forgetting comfortable and keep you safe in the sun! 

Common uses for Alang-Alang plants

It is an ornamental plant, it can be used to make skin creams, due to its high potassium content, it’s also used in traditional Chinese medicines. It can be used for paper making, or for weaving into mats, hats, bags, and thatching.

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