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Grey Wool Gloves

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Part of our great range of knitted accessories, these warm woolen flap gloves can be worn throughout winter, or in summer as mittens for when you are out for an evening stroll. You can even turn them into fingerless gloves so that you can still use your phone. When it's cold, our hands feel it more than anything else, and these will ensure that they stay warm, these unisex gloves make a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for anyone! 

What's not to love? 

They are stylish, soft, warm, and most importantly natural. Wool is one of the best materials out there and here's why! 

  • Wool is natural
  • Good for your skin and body.
  • Better quality and durability
  • Comfortable & Soft
  • Good insulation
  • Breathable fabric 

In the winter, wool keeps you warmer than cotton because wool fibers trap air pockets, helping to insulate you from the cold.