Bamboo Bird Cage 30cm


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A beautiful hand made and painted Asian Bird Cage. You see these all over the place in that part of the world, usually containing small finches or songbirds, and hanging outside of houses or apartments. They are, I think, a bit small to keep birds in, except, maybe for transit, or to give them a bit of an airing, but they are lovely decorative items, and look grand with a trailing green plant inside. This cage stands about 30cm or 12 inches tall - the hanging hook adds another 9cm or 3.5 inches to the drop if you are hanging it up.


It has an overall diameter of about 22cm or 8.5 inches. It has an opening door, that slides up as shown in the second photograph and a removable base tray secured with wire hooks. The base tray can be removed for cleaning (if you do keep a bird in it. Each bird cage will be chosen at random, if you require a specific type/colour then please contact us beforehand to check on availability.

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