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The ketogenic diet has become extremely popular in recent years. The diet of low carbs and high fats has proven to be ideal for weight loss, reducing the impact of diabetes and even reducing epilepsy. Recent studies have also found links between the keto diet and reduction in certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases too.

However research in this field is not in-depth enough to make conclusive statements. The average ketogenic diet limits carbs to around 20-50 grams a day, which requires individuals to substitute many of the foods they love. Here are some of the snacks we enjoyed on our keto diet. 

1. Beef Jerky

This is a great snack that can be eaten between meals as part of a keto diet. It’s extremely high in protein and therefore is ideal for recovering after exercise. 

2. Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are very high in protein and can be eaten as part of a meal. You can combine them with salads or on their own as a breakfast. 

3. Natural Greek Yoghurt 

You can have yoghurt in your breakfast every day to start the day on a high! Natural greek yoghurt is extremely healthy and part of a balanced diet.

4. Cheese

keto snack cheese

Being on keto doesn’t mean you have to miss out on everything. Cheese is part of the keto diet and contains a good amount of calcium which is essential for health. 

5. Keto cookies

While normal shop bought cookies are no longer an option, you can make your very own keto cookies to enjoy.

6. Sugar-free ice cream

sugar free ice cream

Dessert is still on the menu? That’s right! You can still enjoy sugar-free ice cream as part of your diet. We recommend Halo top as it's delicious.

7. Pork crackling

High in protein and an extremely delicious snack!

8. Edamese beans

keto snack edamese beans

These can be eaten as part of a meal and make a good stir fry with option 9!

9. Konjac noodles

You can still make your very own keto stir fry!

10. Nuts (Almonds, Brazil nuts, Pecans, Walnuts)

Naturally very high in protein, nuts are a great snack to keep you going throughout the day.

11. Olives

keto snack olives

For those with a more “mature” pallet, olives can be enjoyed by themselves or as part of a meal.

12. Seaweed

A great alternative to crisps, they are low in calorie, thin and crispy with virtually no carbs whatsoever.

13. Sunflower seeds

Much like nuts, sunflower seeds are full of natural fats and proteins.

14. Cucumber

A fantastic healthy snack or meal accompaniment. It’s also a great way to flush out your system, whilst providing you with natural nutrients.

15. Meat

keto snack crispy bacon

In general meat is high in protein and can be enjoyed as part of your keto diet, and as protein and fat will be your main source of energy you should try to include it in every meal. Whilst bacon isn’t the healthiest option, it is still allowed on the keto diet and is a tasty snack. We recommend storing cooked bacon in the fridge for when hunger strikes.

Find out more about the keto diet, or alternatively watch our journey in the video below.

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